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Multiple problems with the XZ Premium

Message 11 of 14
Message 11 of 14

Re: The disappointment in this phone is evergrowing

I've had the fingerprint sensor not working at all, not even after a reboot or full on shutdown. The fix? Removed all fingerprints, fully shutdown the phone, boot it up and re-scan my fingers again!


And having the wi-fi connection drop randomly while in the middle of an online game is so not cool. Please fix or atleast lay out a roadmap on when can we expect a timeframe for a solution to these issues.

Message 12 of 14
Message 12 of 14

Re: Multiple problems with the XZ Premium

"WiFi reliability has been improved in the latest update, with build number 45.0.A.7.137. you can check your software version in Settings > About phone."


On my device WiFi reliability got even worse after this update. Today the WiFi is next to useless. In able to use WiFi I need to restart my device every time I want an access to Internet. It is connected to the router but just says 'No Internet connection'. It happens everywhere (home, work, free WiFis (like in malls, metro, coffee shops etc.). At home we have 8 devices and only mine has these connectivity problems (the only Sony + Android 8.0). Before Oreo update I had no problems. 

Message 13 of 14
Message 13 of 14

Re: Multiple problems with the XZ Premium

You guys have no phone number or store for one to get help but to wait for your so called complaints managers to call and ppretend they can not hear you simply because they have run out of excuses. 

The tuth is theses phones have a serious problem. it just blacks out completely can not charge nor turn back on. The engineers will keep swapping your phones for old ones that have already calimed the same issue and they claim it has been fully diagnosed. 


Please please let no one fall for this kind of fraud because in the long run, you will not even notice what they are doing with your personal data.

Message 14 of 14
Message 14 of 14

Re: Multiple problems with the XZ Premium


Calm down.

I can understand your frustration when things aren't going the way you want and/or expect.


You just jump into this discussion with your complaints and expect an answer?

Or did you explain your problem elsewhere?


Anyway: If you take your time to explain what is going wrong and the solutions you tried to resolve your problem there are people here willing to help you.



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