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Camera extremely grainy

Message 451 of 454
Message 451 of 454

Re: Camera extremely grainy

I am a great estimator of Xperia devices but the camera has objective issues that are not trascurable.


At maximum resolution my XZ1 camera produce shots with very high amount of noise (grainy) either in daylight than lowlight. This noise is particular evident at 100% crop or on big display especially in dark areas or the sky in daylight shots. In lowlight the noise is everywhere. No matter about the quantity of details and quality of colors captured, but a noisy shot is bad compared to clean one: here Samsung wins for example. 


Quite often, shooting always at 19Mpx, foliages are captured with watercolor effect, details are not differentiated giving a washed mix of colors (watercolor effect). Again, this doesn't happens with Samsung.


From my tests (and not reviews) my XZ1 HDR loses against Samsung one, light areas are sometimes burned and dark ones make darker wit details lost. 


In daylight, if one is not able to better expose to light, quite often light areas, like sky, are burned considering also the tendency of camera to overexposure.


These are not test from reviews, are test made by me with my XZ1 against my brother Samsung S8. 

Reducing the resolution to 8 or 12 Mpx reduce the noise but what is the sense to have a 19 Mpx camera (for more details captured) and then shoot at 12 Mpx like a Samsung device?

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Message 452 of 454

Re: Camera extremely grainy

It has sense to shoot in 12mp compare detail level vs other 12 mp phone image (try to get the same field of view for that) and you will see the 12mp from your xperia gets a lot mor detail from the shot. If you shoot with 12mp the phone is using all the 17 mp from the sensor to produce a 12mp shot, when you see that picture in the phone gallery you will see how the phone process details when you zoom. On the other hand, really don't know why your device delivers so bad quality pictures in all scenarios I can say that galaxy is better for low light but only on noise control, but on the rest xz1 is better... And also I recomend use 12mp but only for storage  space,   but all the shots with 17 or 19mp are really good but a little bit noisy if you go pixel piping... 

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Message 453 of 454
Message 453 of 454

Re: Camera extremely grainy

Yes water colour effect is 🤭 real

just zoom the photo and you will realise what it is about. Compare it with a non Xperia phone... Then its clear.

A cheap $100 phone does take better shots to be honest. Now there are reasons I like Xperia and camera is definitely not one of them. 

Sony definitely has to improve the software post processing.

Message 454 of 454
Message 454 of 454

Re: Camera extremely grainy



I'm also very disappointed with the grainy photos. My (very) older Xperia Ray takes better 8MP pictures!

 It seems agreed that the hardware/lens are not to blame and it is a software post-processing issue. I can understand that at launching time they didn't have time to fine tune the post processing but what I don't get is why didn't they fix it in one of the many OS updates?


Any idea? Thanks