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Am I Alone? Not impressed with Sony Xperia XZ2??

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Am I Alone? Not impressed with Sony Xperia XZ2??

My Xperience with Sony phones has been positive throughout their Z line, my last Xperia Phone was the Z3+ which broke last week (after dropping it for the 10,0000th time, rendering the digitizer useless) so I set out to look for a new phone, Pixel 2 and Xperia XZ2 were my prime choices. I didn't give the Pixel 2 a chance just because in a few months the Pixel 3 is coming out and battery performance is ok, so I went for the XZ2 thinking I'd be blown away by the redesign and newer tech (and not having the phone heat up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit while using 4K video recording is a plus).

The phone's slightly marked down price of $700 was a bit too expensive for what it is imo, compared to the $350 I spent on the Xperia Z3+. The camera feels the same, it has a few more gimmicks than before and a super slowmo which is more difficult to use than the one on the Z3+ (Z4 in other markets). There is no heat ups and although nice looking the round back is annoying to lay down as it moves all over the place (although it is easier to pick up than the Z3+). The finger print sensor is a huge win but the awkward as f&ck placement is a huge fail, why not pay Motorola royalties and keep the finger print sensor on the side like before?

I'm not impressed and for the $700 price tag and 2 generations newer I thought it would be a night and day improvement and not an incremental one. Am I alone in this opinion? Is Sony becoming like Samsung and slowing down the innovation?

I decided to test the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and then if this one also disappoints I'll probably just settle on the Pixel 2, does anyone have any alternatives besides Pixel 2 in a sub 600 price range?

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Re: Am I Alone? Not impressed with Sony Xperia XZ2?? has some suggestions on sub $600. go check their blog

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Re: Am I Alone? Not impressed with Sony Xperia XZ2??

I purchased my XZ2 at Best Buy open box for US$200. It was listed at their website for $179 but rang up for $200. I tried getting it at that price, however, the Manger wouldn't budge claiming the phone is new and unused and considering the original price it's a bargain. He was right. Needless to say for that price I'm very happy with it. But you are correct, it is a bit over priced at $700. You wonder why Sony has such a hard time selling phones.