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Sony SBH80

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Message 1 of 4

Sony SBH80

Is sony a joke?`


First i got a brand new Sony z3 plus from my friend. Didnt find simcard. I sent it in and got a "new" one.


Then the battery is overheated all the time, closes application. Trying to send it back again and they say they have closed  the service for sony something.I got a SWAP i think its called.


Then i get a brand new wireless sbh80 i opened it yesterday. Turning it on after green light and hours charging.


It works for 2 minutes!!!


On the app on the phone it says first 7 H 1 min after 2 H and then dies. HOOOOOW CAN IT BE LIKE THAT WITH BRAND NEW THINGS. Now i hate Sony... 

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Re: Sony SBH80



I'm not sure if the phone its brand new or new like condition, but the phone was released 5 years ago, batteries wont last as long, the phone will get hot like any other phone, but bc this phone it's all glass you will feel it, the phone can't overheat, it will close down apps if it gets too hot, just like any other phone. If you are watching videos, recording videos and/or playing games, the phone will get hot faster. 


As for the SBH80 I think it's the same situation that the device it's old, but can you tell us if the devices were sold to you as brand new or new like ?

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

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Message 3 of 4

Re: Sony SBH80

No it was a brand new that i opened myself. But has been in his drawer 2 years maybe. But that shouldnt matter. Been working with phone 10 years so i know how a phone should work. 


I opened the box with stickers and everything yesterday, the headphones. So never been used. Dont understand how it can be like that. If its not the Z3+ thats sending some crazy overheating to the headphones to.....




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Message 4 of 4

Re: Sony SBH80



I tested it again after 12 h charging


It didnt even last one hole song