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Smart Wireless Headset Pro MW1 - Software 0.1.E.1.5 Playbackproblem

One time poster
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Message 61 of 65

Re: Smart Wireless Headset Pro MW1 - Software 0.1.E.1.5 Playbackproblem

hardware - HTC Sensation (Piramid) with Cyanogenmod 10

smart headset pro 0.1.E.1.6

problem - when I put my phone in the pocket, sound becomes laggy and imposible to listen

on the stock soft version it was ok, then suddenly headset updated over_the_air

and here I have useless >$100_gadget

BTW - same phone with Jabra STREET headset works perfect.

so I have 2 questions

1 <censored>

2 when can I get working soft for my smart headset pro?


Additional information:

Downgraded to 0.1.D.0.6. Problem solved. Sound is good. Loudness compensation - strong. No update required.

thank you for support ;-)




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Message 62 of 65

Re: Smart Wireless Headset Pro MW1 - Software 0.1.E.1.5 Playbackproblem

I have big problem... MW1 with  0.1.E.1.6  + Samsung NOTE3 N9005 XXUBMJ1 stock rom.


I have used MW1 with NOTE2 without major problems (although it was diconnecting from time to time), however MW1+NOTE3 it is complete DISASTER! 


Headset stays connected with NOTE3, it is showing the incoming/outgoing connection details on the display, answer button works, EXCEPT that there is no audo tranmission during the call, untill You manually enable it by 

phone HEADSET soft key press, or phone call is dropped and another call attempt is made. 

I have found that pausing the phonecall by loong press of the answer button on the MW1 and unpausing it - activate the voice connection - but I can not do it on every phone call!!!!


I did reset, re-connection, Installed and uninstalled Smart Connect (LiveWare) + Smart Wireless Headset Pro - problem exists with the software installed and without - on the same NOTE3  MW600 works well without any problems! 


I started to use BT headsets more than 5 years ago (several types, Nokia, Motorola, SE, recently SonyEricsson MW600 and Sony MW1) I can make the tests for You if You want, but please do sth with it as now MW1 is just useless!!!

Please PM me if You need any more info, please allow me to downgrade to test the earlier FW  to test !!!

maybe earlier frimware like 0.1.E.1.5 or  0.1.E.1.4 works? 


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Message 63 of 65

Re: Smart Wireless Headset Pro MW1 - Software 0.1.E.1.5 Playbackproblem

i have almost the same problem with my mw1 on galaxy s4...i used my mw1 for 2 years without any there is a big is difficult for me to speak through my mw1..moreover it usually it does not reconect automatically if i get out of range..unfortunatelly the biggest problem is that there is no audio transmission during phonecalls until i make it manually..!!i think i tried everything..anybody have the same problem???anyone can help please????

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Re: Smart Wireless Headset Pro MW1 - Software 0.1.E.1.5 Playbackproblem

Hello guys! How is your MW1 doing nowadays? I am about to buy two units for my brother and me, and would not want a fiasco, because of these all comments that the device doesn't work fine with firmware 1.0A.1.6 or so.

Please, tell me, which is the firmware version which is working fine with? Is it 0.1.D.0.6 the device is working perfectly? Do you recommend this headset?
For me this is the most complete and feature packed Bluetooth headset today, I am about to buy it.

Are all its features working in Android 5.1.1?

Please help me! Thank you!
One time poster
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Message 65 of 65

Re: Smart Wireless Headset Pro MW1 - Software 0.1.E.1.5 Playbackproblem

Hi, last week I was listening music, suddenly a horrible noise stop the music and now the screen seems like downloading something can´t turn it off or on to see the menu, i just plugged it in my computer but my pc doesn't see it, how can I restore the software o do something so I can use my headset pro????