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Tips & Tricks

If you want to get the max out of your Xperia phone then check out Xperia tips page.

Welcome to the Forum, please introduce yourselves!

Message 1131 of 1,836
Message 1131 of 1,836

Re: Welcome to the Forum, please introduce yourselves!

I'm tony from india I'm use Sony Xperia L,also Xperia E
Message 1132 of 1,836
Message 1132 of 1,836

Re: Welcome to the Forum, please introduce yourselves!

hello everyone, i am from the east coast of the uk in englands biggest county, yorkshire.

i have come here just before i throw my phone in the sea Slightly smiling Face 

recently it dropped wifi.

i use this more than anything else on the phone tried full resets and the  fix my phone on pc companion.

jsut getting angry now and its a shame because its been a fantastic phone.

i was a big nokia fan before i got the experia lt26i.


One time poster
Message 1133 of 1,836
Message 1133 of 1,836

Re: Welcome to the Forum, please introduce yourselves!

Hy I'm Zualdo and I got a new Sony Xperia M2 it's my first Sony and I am trying to add a new e-mal account and all I get is a negative job

One time poster
Message 1134 of 1,836
Message 1134 of 1,836

Re: Welcome to the Forum, please introduce yourselves!

My name is Solakhe Dlamini . I am in love with Sony gadgets but my phone now is not operating smoothly. it always tells me application not responding. 

Message 1135 of 1,836
Message 1135 of 1,836

Re: Welcome to the Forum, please introduce yourselves!

Hey there. I am using Xperia C. After 16.0.B.2.16 update for this cell-phone I can't download or update apps from Play Store. I have gone through Internet for this problem and found that all Xperia C users are having same problem. I demand for it to be fixed ASAP.
One time poster
Message 1136 of 1,836
Message 1136 of 1,836

Re: Welcome to the Forum, please introduce yourselves!

Hi Im Abraham using Sony experia Lt26i for the past 2 years 

feel just the kind of phone i like to be with  

the audio seems to be low nowadays thru the speakers


Message 1137 of 1,836
Message 1137 of 1,836

Re: Welcome to the Forum, please introduce yourselves!

Hi guys,
Mick here from Bradford in Yorkshire.
This is my first time here on Sony support forum.
Not m new to Sony Xperia phones though pretty much had them from my first one being Xperia m
Now Sony Xperia Z.
Love the phones most probably the best smart phone I have owned todate.
Nice to be here look out for me in the forums
Cheers mick
Message 1138 of 1,836
Message 1138 of 1,836

Re: Welcome to the Forum, please introduce yourselves!

Hi Guys,


Good Day!


This is Anup from India, Bangalore City.

I provide IT support to a lot of clients and have experience of 7 years in the IT field.


I'm a recent Sony user.

My previous brands were Nokia and Blackberry ( No frustrating problems ).


I purchased the Sony Xperia Z early last year and have been with issues on it ever since.

First issue,


  • The Memory Card would just die after a certain number of months,days, weeks even. Error " Memory Card removed unexpectedly " , even though I didn't.
  • After hours of running repairs by my self and then the Sony Service Centre doing the same thing, got memory cards replaced a couple of times to ensure its not the device, however in the end, the Device was faulty ( thats the conclusion because the Sony Service Centre couldnt do a RCA and obviously FMEA will not come into picture.
  • So, I got a new replacement Sony Xperia Z, worked fine for a few months, and then , the memory card issue came back, this time, Sony Service Centre told me its not the device and replaced the memory card ( Lost tons of data like last time, oh, I forgot to mention, I'm also a fashion portrait photographer, and losing data ( 3rd time ) is not something anyone would want to go through.
  • Again, they ( Sony ) couldnt really fix the issue that I was talking about. ( Not really sure what kind of diagnostics, repair is generally done in order to reproduce the issue ), i cant find any effort ( Sony ) put in, to do some research about the issue that am i facing and to atleast talk in the same wave lenght I'm in.
  • I've sent escalation emails to Sony Head Quarters ( Atleast thats what I was told ), all in vain, no luck, its like a bunch of lemons just sitting on their desks and calling themselves de-escalation experts ( and this is by email, no telephonic communication ).
  • So, I lost trust in SONY and its products however continued using the Sony Xperia Z as the Image Processed quality is brilliant and far better than other makes.
  • Now, warranty has expired, so I really spent the entire year trying to resolve an issue that Sony couldnt even try to ( Couldnt even try harder ).Somehow Memory card issue stopped and didnt occur again, Its like one of those Windows issues, you reboot the PC and everything goes back to normal , only thing is , it took this device 1 year to resolve ( not really confident ) on its own.

New Issue,

  • After the recent available update through Sony PC Companion, Android version 4.2.2, everything was fine until one day, the phone automatically switched off and didnt want to come back on again.
  • Symptoms,
  1. Phone switches off automatically
  2. When trying to attend a call or disconnect a call which comes in, phone freezes.
  3. When a call comes in, in the first ring the call gets disconnected and SIM card is no longer readable, the tower will have an X on it ( Its not the SIM card, already tested on other devices )
  4. When trying to access an application ( Native ), the phone switches off automatically.
  5. The phone either comes back on, If i keep it charged ( even though battery status is at 100 %, 99 % , 85 % ) or if I try switch it back on for about a Zillion times.
  6. Performed Hard and Soft reset.
  7. Used Sony PC Companion and performed repair ( Issue persists )
  8. Performed repair 3 times now, issue still persists.
  9. Not sure if the issue is related to Software update or Hardware, cant find articles relating to what I'm going through.

Now, the phone is with the Sony Service Centre, again, not sure what to expect hence forth.

Dont really recommend Sony to anyone from here on unless the person you're recommending is okay to go througn all this frustrating levels.


Hoping for some good insights on this and if someone could share the JOY like i am.





One time poster
Message 1139 of 1,836
Message 1139 of 1,836

Re: Welcome to the Forum, please introduce yourselves!

Hi I am ravi chauhan from India
I have been using sony ericsson from past 8 years
Now I own sony Xperia sp
One time poster
Message 1140 of 1,836
Message 1140 of 1,836

Re: Welcome to the Forum, please introduce yourselves!

Hi im gavin
I have a sony xperia z2 and having internet issues.
I get error:::: err_internet_disconected on my new phone when trying to connect to internet any indo would be great as im fed up trying to get virgin mobike to fix it