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Tips & Tricks

Want to know more about Xperia 5? To read more about it go here.
If you can't find the answer to your question there please post it here and let the community help you.

Community users

Sony Xperia Support
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Message 1 of 1

Community users

So, every community has different kind of users. Some are more active than others and have different kind of roles. And as a new user it can be good to know the differences.

This topic gives you a short explanation of which different user roles you can expect to see on our community and what the roles mean. Besides these different roles we of course have a lot of helpful regular users as well who participates in the community discussions independent of experience level. This is a community by our users for our users and everyone is welcome.


Community Manager

Makes sure the forum works as supposed to, so if you have any problem with the functionality of the forum such as log-in, posting or subscribing etc. This is your go to guy. Also if you think a topic needs to be escalated send him or Support staff a PM.


Active user: Jonas

Sony Xperia Support Staff

Technical experts on Sony Mobile products who participates in topics posted on our community trying to assist our users.


Active users:  Martin, Daniel


Trustee's (No longer active staff): Aimee, AnnieHenke, Jeff, Josh, Markus, Michael-J, Nessa, PetterAlexandergwhispererzJohanHampus, SamuelPatrikRickard, Didrik, Christofer, Sam, JakeCameronT, ChloeS, Lina



Moderators helps out keeping our community clean and structured. So if you ever find a topic or post that you think is posted in the wrong forum or if you question the content please feel free to use the report link to bring it to our moderators attention.


Active users: alexdon, viridis, uliwooly, Quester


Please note: Moderators are in no way affiliated with, or work for Sony Mobile. They are regular users that have volunteered in helping us keep our forum boards a friendly, clean and structured place.


The community top contributors. You can expect to see the community VIP users participate in many discussions with helpful replies and are always up to date with the latest news.

Active users: dandy63, NabeelnajodleglejszynolramlbYoGem



Pioneers are a group of community users which we have identified as really helpful and that go the extra length to help users.

Active users: romanempire, gregoryopera, diogosimoes4321, Roadrunny76, NeoBeum, pribambas, Strampke, shetz, nathanhorner, NunoSEN2, Tuerkay, Jetzu