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Track ID needs to be vastly improved

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Message 1 of 2

Track ID needs to be vastly improved

I know Track ID is powered by Gracenote (Winamp used to have it as a feature for auto-tagging), but Track ID often fails when it comes to identifying old or obscure music.


Three examples:


1) Syd Dale - Man Friday (Pat Mustard's theme in 'Father Ted'). Same for all other of Syd Dale's music.


2) Kenny Williams - You're Fabulous Babe (Babe perfume ad theme in 1977, featuring Margaux Hemingway)


3) This jazz music used in the Youtube video uploaded by user trolleybus654


When a track is identified, Track ID also has the annoying habit of displaying a random album art and year of release. For example, a compilation album released in 2007 instead of the original album release in 1997. It would be better to display a timeline of the various album releases and their individual album cover pics.


As a bonus, the results of an identified song can also 'fork out' to other singers who had done a cover version of the same song. Sometimes the same song has been translated and sung in another language: for example, many Japanese songs from 1970s to 1990s were covered in Chinese/Cantonese.


Finally, this may be a hardware problem, but it's hard to detect songs played in a noisy environment e.g. a bowling alley or an ice skating rink. Perhaps the algorithms are not done well, or perhaps the (Xperia) phone's microphones are not sensitive enough or do not cancel out the background noise well enough. It might be a good thing for Sony's Audio Recorder app to 'integrate' with Track ID: and tightly integrate the recording and identifying features in both apps.


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Message 2 of 2

Re: Track ID needs to be vastly improved



don't forget to send your feedback to Sony >>> Local support and Gracenote 

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