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Tips & Tricks

If you want to get the max out of your Xperia phone then check out Xperia tips page.

Quick guide to setting up Remote Play on Xperia devices

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Message 1 of 1

Quick guide to setting up Remote Play on Xperia devices

Guide to setting up remote play on Sony Xperia


Remote Play is possibly one of the best aces Sony has dealt us for our Xperia devices, allowing us to play our home consoles from anywhere in the world with a Internet connection, it just worked so well..
But sometimes, it doesn't work so well, and disconnections, stuttering gameplay and unplayable lag ruin our experience of this unique gaming app.
Here's our guide to setting up remote play for the best Xperience.


1. Connect to a 5Ghz router on ps4 and your Xperia device.

Most disconnections occur when the Dualshock 4 is connected to the phone, this is because the Bluetooth inside the controller operates at 2.4Ghz, the same frequency as 2Ghz WiFi connections. When the Bluetooth turns on and communicates with the phone, packets of data can get interference and the end result is glitches and / or dropped connections.
Connect to your routers 5Ghz stream to eliminate this.



2. Turn off location services.

This can be done in settings/ location or even easier, set up a quick button in your taskbar quick setting menu.
The remote play requires as much download speed as possible and the location services can interrupt this by sending location requests if set to use WiFi and mobile data as well as GPS. Depending on the stream quality selected, it may not be a problem, but best to turn it off for the best experience possible.



3. Open remote play app and click on settings.
This is where you will optimise the app depending on your connection speed. To get the best Xperience, check the following:
Log in to PSN
Logging in to PSN is often overlooked but will allow you to connect to your console without the need for manual connection as we will describe later on. Logging in to PSN will allow you to connect to the PS4 from anywhere even if it is in standby mode.
Set your quality settings within means.

The temptation to just go in here and set everything to highest is often not the best route to take. The quality of video doesn't just depend on download speed of the Xperia devices,  but also the upload speed of the PS4. The rule of thumb is...

If you have a slower connection at either end, aim for the 360/540p setting and low framerate.  If you have superfast connection with good upload and download, set the quality at 720p or 1080p(PS4 Pro only) with high framerate. 

If you are unsure of the connection quality, set to 540p and high framerate, lower this if you get problems later on.

Check NAT type 

 You want this to be NAT TYPE 2 or NAT TYPE 1, if it shows TYPE 3, disconnect from the WiFi point you're using and reconnect and check again, NAT type 3 will work but may show much more errors than types 1 or 2.





4. Connect to a Dualshock 4

Come out of the settings and click on the button to pair your Dualshock 4. Playing with Dualshock is much better than using the on screen buttons as they are quite big and take up a lot of room on the display. 

Go through the menu and hold down the SHARE and HOME button until the lightbar flashes white, within a few seconds it will connect to your device and be ready for use.



5. Connect to Remote Play 

on the home page, click NEXT and you will see this screen, 



If you are signed in to PSN, you will connect straight away to the console, if you're not signed in, or are using a friends PS4, then you will have to connect manually by clicking "Register Manually"  in the bottom right hand corner. 

To connect manually, follow the instructions on both the app and on the PS4. The registration process will involve going into the PS4 settings and authenticating the Xperia by means of an 8 digit activation code, once done you will connect to the PS4.





6. Enjoy your Remote play!

Because, it's mandatory. 


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