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Sony's concept for android has been discontinued and the refore this board is closed and will be removed end of October. Thanks for all the engagement in this concept.

Android 8.x.x Feature Requests

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Message 1 of 1

Android 8.x.x Feature Requests

I hope this place is right to post this.


Android 8.x.x Feature Requests

I don't if this forum is monitored by Sony officials but it would be great if they accept feature requests.

Just in case they monitor and care about this I want to share couple of requests.


-It would be really useful if we can open notification center by swiping down in the home screen instead of opening a search bar to search apps. Current solution (double tapping home button) is not intuitive.

-Search option should be merged and span across the OS. It should be possible to search for a setting from the homescreen. Like S search(or whatever it is name now like samsung does.) Results panel can be categorized so results can be identified easly.

-Themes should have their own application and should be more discoverable. Current solution is not good. What's new app can include news but layout is horrible for themes. It is possible to apply different layouts to differen pages, even if you won't seperate it, it really needs optimization. 

-Some apps are not removable you can only disable them. I understand there is partnership and money involved but preloading apps is more than enough I think. Even if you disable them they still occupy space, in 2017 this is sad. And I don't know whoose decision it was, but making Google's Duo non-removable is really bad. Like I kinda laughed at that. Come on.

-Xperia Actions are useful but they are in a weird place. I doubt many people visit the Help thing in the settings. And blue light filter feature is buried in there. It should be under Screen settings. Easily accessible. There is not even a quick toggle or something. Blue light filter is really nice. It really helps. Should out in the open.

-App badges are broken. There is a badge on a folder but when you open the folder you cannot see which app it is belong to. Since there is a badge feature baked in the Oreo you may get rid of your solution completely. Since it is broken no need to waste resources for it any further. But if you want to keep it, fix it.

-Apps crahes often. Fix it please.

-You don't have to waste resources on the clock app, Google has one and it is up to date. But do as you wish. I don't understand companies' obsession of this clock and calculator app. Google already makes one for Android. They kinda have to. Just a suggestion.  As I said, do as you wish.

-Wallpaper picker is broken. shows everything double. Fix it please.

-Lock screen is broken. Most of the times no matter how you swipe it doesn't open. Using lock screen shourcuts is impossible. It always reduce the screen size instead opening the shortcut. I think you guys use iPhones and don't use your software and hardware. Otherwise you would see how annoying that is. 

-IDK(I don't know) if it is a Google thing or you did it, but we can't change the shortcuts on the lock screen. Or you probably put it somewhere impossible to access. Simple things . Fix it please.

-Like I said above, plase change how you reduce screen size. You may put it home button. tripple press reduces screen size. Or put it to power button menu like you put screenshot feature. That's better.

-In the camera in manual mode allow me to set ISO and the shutter speed at the same time. What kind of manual mode is that. Manual mode should be fully manual. Not half auto half manual. Currently it is garbage. 


These are things that should change I think. I think companies forget that they are selling experinces not just a product. These won't create the perfect experince but baby steps. Gotta start somewhere.

Thanks in advance for eveything. And please think about these. And guys if there is something you want to add please send your replies.