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blank black home screen after lollipop update!

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Message 11 of 16

Blank Black Home Screen Lollipop Update

My phone is: Xperia Z1 Compact


After updating my phone from android 4.4.4. To lollipop 5.0.2, I get a blank black home screen when pressing the Home button. Nothing can be accesed in the phone except for pulling the  notifications and settings bar when scrolling from top.

The 3 buttons in the bottom are there but do not function.




I already tried a Software Repair using PC Companion as suggested in but I had no luck. Any ideas?

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Re: blank black home screen after lollipop update!

I have the same problem with my Z1 Compact.


It happens every 1~2days.

Restore and repair by PCC doesn't help.

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Re: blank black home screen after lollipop update!



is there any solution?

I just bought a new phone after update and I have a black screen


I can't connect pc companion asks me for a PIN,

maybe I should send a phone for service
please help


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Re: blank black home screen after lollipop update!

You may need to perform a software repair using PC Companion.The process will erase all internal memory.You might need to charge your device for about 1-2 hours before so the device has at least 80% battery.

Make sure the device is not connected to computer or laptop and turned off (sometimes you have to press power button and volume up until the device vibrates 3 times or on some devices you have to press the small button near the SIM tray or on the back of the device).

Open PC companion->support zone->phone/tablet software update->repair my phone/tablet blue highlighted.Follow the steps given,do not connect your phone until prompted to press volume down while plugging USB cable. If PC companion does not start the repair process, you might need to run it in compatibility mode with Windows 7 (in some cases XP).

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Re: blank black home screen after lollipop update!

Had the same issue with my z3 compact

uninstalled all aftermarket apps (from google play eg ebay/plauge inc/omi swipe etc etc) re-installed them all and that fixed the situation

my guess is one of them couldnt handle the update code change from its present (downloaded) android form (4,4) but when i re-installed using the lollipop (5) form it handed over the additional program lines needed to stop the fault occuring


HTH and is clear enough

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Re: blank black home screen after lollipop update!

Ya i got this problem too usually when simultaneous apps are running. Usually when connected to wifi