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Security patches. How? When? How often?

One time poster
Message 191 of 201
Message 191 of 201

Security patches and upgrade to Oreo


My device is an F5121 (Xperia X) with Android 7.1.2 (the build number is N2G47F19).

The customization number is 1302-7094 R1A.

I would like to know if I'll have the upgrade to Android 8.0 and (even more important) the security patch will be updated. Now it's still on the release of May, the 1st, 2017...

I have already tried to "force" the update process by Xperia Companion or after a factory reset without success.

It's a device released in mid 2016 (and I decided to buy it unbranded to have more chances to have frequent updates), why the update process is stuck after just one year?

I feel a bit unsafe with such an old security patch, thanks!


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Message 192 of 201

Re: Security patches and upgrade to Oreo

Hi Vale,


Two things.

- When you do a software repair with Xperia Companion you should end up with the latest patch available for your region. As far as I know the latest and last update was somewhere september 2018.

- As updating has been disconinued for Xperia X you will have to live with it.


Sony is known for its timely updates Slightly smiling Face, better than the majority, less than iPhone.

It is like it is.

Two years seems to be the utmost nowadays, for all devices. Frowning Face

who knows knows
who doesn't doesn't
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Message 193 of 201

Security update

Screenshot_20190328-221317.pngSecurity update


One time poster
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Message 194 of 201

Security patch and updates!

When will we get security patch for R1 plus, there is no security patch since march-2018?

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Message 195 of 201

Re: Security patches. How? When? How often?

Posted the other day in the Xperia XA2 sub forum: Security patches is a requirement.

Sony Mobile chose to let some of their phones be validated in the Android Enterprise Recommended program (which started early 2018).


Five Sony XperiaTM smartphones recognized under Android Enterprise Recommended program


Great! But with this come a couple of requirements, among them timely updates: Security patches from device manufacturers delivered within 90 days, guaranteed for three years. That's a minimum.


Android Enterprise Recommended requirements

I'm not one of those asking for when my Xperia XA2 will receive Android 9/Pie, since I'm not craving for "the latest and greatest" OS; I'm just asking for the device being kept up to date when it comes to security. As we all know, major updates can come with their own problems. And I'm well aware that historically Sony has given their premium phones two system upgrades, and the mid segment one; and they can continue to do that, the minimum requirement for major system updates in the Android Enterprise Recommended program is: Support current shipping release + one letter upgrade.


At the moment my XA2, bought this year, is running with Android 8 and the December 2018 security patch. An early release of Pie didn't work so well in some region in February, and then they came back with another release. But where are the security patches?


I've read that Sony have "failed" to deliver some security patches in the past, but then why participate in the Android Enterprise Recommended program in 2018?


Mind you, the phone is running as expected, and given the problems reported from some with the system update to Android 9 one can ask oneself if one really wants a security patch, since it seems the only way is together with a system update to Android 9.

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Message 196 of 201

Security Patch

Does Sony stop sending security patch to Xperia X?

They sent last security patch in September 2018.   

One time poster
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Message 197 of 201

Security Patch 2019 Xpedia XZ


I have and Xperia XZ F8331

with build 41.3.A.2.192 but the last  security update is 1 october 2018.

Please let me know how to update with new security patches of 2019?

Is possible that arrives 2019 secuirty patches or is ended the service for my model?

Waiting info's thanks.

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Message 198 of 201

Re: Security Patch 2019 Xpedia XZ



I think that was the latest update for the Xperia XZ 

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

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Message 199 of 201

Why hasn't my device received an update yet?



My Xperia 10 is on build 53.0.A.2.139, patch level: 1 December, 2018.

New updates seems available: 53.0.A.4.114 patch level 1 February 2019, 53.0.A.6.92 patch level 1 May 2019:


Why hasn't my device received an update yet?, I am at Spain, operator: Movistar.


Best Regards.


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Message 200 of 201

Re: Why hasn't my device received an update yet?

@jluispc ;


It all depends on the costumization version of your device firmware. Check yours in the service menu (dial *#*#7378423#*#*).