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Security patches. How? When? How often?

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Message 131 of 203

Re: No updates....

You will then have to ask Vodafone Spain for any reason why you have no updates.

-Perhaps try/switch to another carrier?

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Message 132 of 203

Re: 🇺🇸 Stuck on August 5 Security Update

I'm on US firmware, and I'm seeing the same thing on my XZ1 Compact. I'd say that it must be related to problems certifying the T-Mobile VoLTE/WiFi calling stuff, as my XA1 is still getting regular security updates. As far as past devices go, I'm not aware of any that supported VoLTE or WiFi calling on US carriers. (Someone can correct me if I"m wrong.)


I understand that it's hard for Sony to prioritize a relatively small user base here in the US, and I'm willing to have a little patience and tolerate some bugs for awhile in exchange for the extra T-Mobile support, but 6 months is definitely pushing it when there are so many security issues to worry about. I admit to being a bit of a Sony fanboy, and I very much prefer their flagships over the Nexus/Pixel line, but the peace of mind that comes with knowing I'm always up to date (with a no-fuss fingerprint reader) is starting to pull me back in the Google direction Slightly frowning Face 

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Message 133 of 203

Marshmallow security update for sony M4 aquaa

Is sony to give  any marshmallow security updates for sony m4 aqua ?? Because we are still running on July 2016 patch (seriously 😡)+ bugs and I don't think so sony will be giving nought or oreo update for m4 aqua. Atleast they should provide security updates. How can they dump us in this way even after paying such big price...!!

Thanks in advance 

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Message 134 of 203

Security updates missing

When are the security updates coming. The last update dates from the 1st of oktober........ We're missing three monthly updates so far. 

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Message 135 of 203

Re: Security updates missing


Updates are released gradually and timing will differ between markets. Unless there is an official statement from Sony, the exact timing of update to your market will not be available here or anywhere else. Keep checking periodically on Xperia Companion.

Feel free to kudo this post or mark it as solution so that other users facing the same issue can find it

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Message 136 of 203

Customized CE1 Xperia XZ - Security patch missing



now it happends the second or maybe the third time, that all provider branded phones already got new updates but the update servers for customized CE1 didn't have the new updates with security patches.


Is the process to roll out the updates missing customized CE1? Maybe i have to buy next time a phone which is provider locked and from another vendor, because these phone got updates much faster than Customized CE1.


Please can someone manually copy the update package also to the Customized CE1 servers,....





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Message 137 of 203

Re: Security updates missing

Waiting? For how long?

Google sents out an security update every month... It's  to important to be thinking... "It will come in good time" ...

If the policy is not addressed this will be my last Sony device.

The data the phones contain nowadays need the protection. 

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Message 138 of 203

Xperia X Performance Dual (F8132) No actualiza desde octubre 2017

Buenas tardes.
Mi xperia no actualiza desde octubre del 2017(parche de seguridad), por ende, no ha podido actualizar a android Oreo. He conectado a Xperia Companion pero dice estar actualizado a la ultima versión
¿Qué puedo hacer??
[[Good afternoon.
My xperia does not update since October 2017 (security patch), therefore, it could not update to android Oreo. I have connected to Xperia Companion but it says to be updated to the latest version
What I can do??
Thank you!]]

One time poster
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Message 139 of 203

Android security patch

Please release an update for Android security patch level as it is already older than more than six months. 

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Message 140 of 203

security patch update for Z5

Will there be a security patch update for the Z5 series?

Security patches September 2017 at the latest firmware.