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Security patches. How? When? How often?

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Message 111 of 203

Re: No security updates

Yep Slightly frowning Face

Sony should offer security fixes at least on their flagship models for 4-5 years.

Or they have to call back every unsold models after it has reached its lifespan. For example the customer should not be able to buy a brand new z3 in 2017, when there are no more  security fixes for that product.  

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Message 112 of 203

🇺🇸 Stuck on August 5 Security Update

Hi. I've already contacted support about this, but it does not look like it is a common knowledge. While a standard suggestion would have been "be patient", at this point flagships released in past 6 months had at least October updates.


Customized US variant of XPERIA XZ1 Compact still runs with August 5 security fixes, meaning that...

  • It is vulnerable to Bluetooth RCE attacks - Blueborne.
  • It is vulnerable to downgrading WPA2 security - KRACK.
  • It is vulnerable to RCE within media framework - CVE-2017-0832-CVE-2017-0836.
  • It does not have a camera geometry fix, attempted backlight fix, various QC bluetooth fixes.

On the other hand, other regions (except Greece, not sure why it is stuck on original firmware) moved on to November updates last month and start getting December updates this week, which raises the question about Sony commitment to US market and/or Sony ability to certify their changes against T-Mobile tests (which is the only substantial difference between XZ1 and XZ1 Compact, with the first getting timely updates).


I am glad that I have VoLTE and WiFi Calling working, but at this point it increases the attack vector on the phone, which, in turn prompts me to consider switching to a different region firmware, just to receive OTAs.


Is this normal for an XPERIA device in US to have updates delayed? Was there a similar behavior on other VoLTE/VoWiFi-enabled phones in US in the past?

No longer using XZ1C
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Message 113 of 203

Re: 🇺🇸 Stuck on August 5 Security Update

Not sure it's only the US - I'm with o2 in the UK, although on non-carrier firmware, but haven't yet had the November update. Seems a bit hit and miss all over the place.

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Message 114 of 203

Re: 🇺🇸 Stuck on August 5 Security Update

Good point, both O2 prepaid and unlocked are on October security update. I feel like the major issue here is coupling security updates with features. This makes some markets skip the security fixes because some other unrelated feature gets broken (such as the auto focus in October update). I don't mind testing intermediate releases, but I mind having security fixes withheld due to monolithic firmware updates.

No longer using XZ1C
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Message 115 of 203

Xperia X updates

why this devices is getting so many minor updates compared to other devices?


for eg: my xzs only get few updates and it got updated to oreo  with November security patch

on the other side xperia x is receiving another update..

this update is not oreo. it is another minor update  which updates to december security patch



this makes no sense why it is not updating to oreo instead getting minor security updates

Forum Legend
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Message 116 of 203

Re: Xperia X updates

the MONTHLY security updates are technically separate updates from Software or SYstem updates. they are rolled out by google.


as with the case of XZs or , it so happens that the software updates conincides with the release of Software update and monthly security updates so that is why ther are released as one.

Learn to take care and troubleshoot your Device here:
Xperia Support by Sony:
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Message 117 of 203

Re: 🇺🇸 Stuck on August 5 Security Update

I have EXACTLY the same issue with my US XPeria XZ1 Compact. After 5, FIVE (!) months my device still runs  47.1.A.2.324 with the August 2017 security patches while they just released  47.1.A.7.1 with the December (!!!) secuirty patches.


I brought this already up here in the forum and Sony just deleted my post. Seems they are not interested in negative PR about the US market.


The bottom line is that the US market is the last market that receives updates from Sony worldwide!


Just check out and sort the version number, 1310-4371 Customized US), US is at the bottom of the table with version 47.1.A.2.324


This is my first and last Sony phone. SUPER disappointed and will definitely write an article about this in the online Tech Blogs to warn others to not buy any Sony phone in the United States AT ALL UNTIL THEY FIX THIS!



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Message 118 of 203

Sony Xperia M5 security patch for 2017 - 2018

Buenas, queria saber si tiene algún par de seguridad para el Sony Xperia M5. Ya no tiene corregido aún el crack WPA2 y el blueborn, ademas da un pequeño fallo con el bluetooth cuando intento conectarlo a las manos libres de micoche, que mi coche es un nissan qashqai del 2009.

Hi, I wanted to know if you have some security for the Sony Xperia M5. It has not corrected yet the crack WPA2 and the blueborn, also gives a small fault with the bluetooth when I try to connect it to my mick hands, my car is a 2009 qashqai nissan.



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Message 119 of 203

re: Security patches. How? When? How often?

yeah, the updates seem to be erratic. I was getting timely patches with my XZ1 (G8342, Customized TW), but for some reason this November patch, 47.1.A.5.51, which also has the camera "distortion" fixes I believe, is lagging.


Looking at XperiCheck, seems to be the Chinese language markets which are behind for the dual SIM.

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Message 120 of 203

Will XA1 Plus get Regular Security Updates, Major Android Updates for 3 years in a Row?

Hey Frnzz.. I recently bought Xperia XA1 Plus Dual Model; and i got my 1st security update of November patch level, followed by december patch level updates yesterday itself. So it seems that SONY izz working pretty hard and is regular when it comes to security updates. As compared to Google Pixels in this section, Followed by NOKIA HMD GLOBAL, SONY definitely comes in top 3 positions when it comes to Regular security ipdates. So what do you Guyz think about this; kindly have a start at this discussion so that we can interact with sony in this manner by reporting the problems if we face any after the updates or what are the new features we can avail with updates.Thank you Frnzz..Do support the topic..:-)..