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Root CA Certificate Update?

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Message 1 of 4

Root CA Certificate Update?


I have been testing with various GPS fixes on my XPERIA device and I want to report certain issues my phone is having...


Device: Sony Xperia Sola

Version: Android 4.0.4 (Stock) - 6.1.1.B.1.54


Issue: GPS takes a long time to lock on "precisely"

Solutions taken:

1. Enabled Google's Location service under Settings > Location services

- Doesn't really work


2. Root device & edit /system/etc/gps.conf content

-Edit includes changing of and SUPL_PORT=7276
-Doesn't work too


However with

3. Replace /system/etc/suplcert/cacert.txt with Waze's (Source file by Mozilla) cacert.pem from /sdcard/waze/
-The problem fixed and significantly reduce the time to lock on...


I propose that Sony Mobile should release an maintenance update to all Xperia 201X devices,
to update Root CA Certicate in order to compliance with the current SSL certs of


You don't expect everyone to root all their devices just to fix some certificates problems, do you Sony?



== Not relevant: What I done so far with my GPS fixes... ==

1. Rooted & Edited gps.conf with:



2. Updated cacert.txt with Waze's cacert.pem and changed some permissions


== GPS locked on under 30 seconds (indoor) ==

One time poster
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Message 2 of 4

Re: Root CA Certificate Update?

Where this cert ( Waze's (Source file by Mozilla) ) can be found - I will try to test if it helps on my Xperia U,

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Message 3 of 4

Re: Root CA Certificate Update?

You need to download the Waze app from Google Play first.


Once you download and perform a first time run wizard, Waze should install certain files into /sdcard/waze.


There you can find cacert.pem which you can rename as cacert.txt to replace /system/etc/suplcert/cacert.txt.

One time poster
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Message 4 of 4

Re: Root CA Certificate Update?

i copied the waze file into the system folder.. the gps locked in on apps like maps and waze while connected the wifi... i switched off wifi and checked again.. using only the gps to pinpoint location.. it did not lock in.. it used the previously locked location obtained through wifi.. using a xperia u.. 

did gps work for you??