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Oreo Bluetooth issues (Problem with pairing etc)

One time poster
Message 190 of 382
Message 190 of 382

Re: Bluetooth has stopped

Hey Guys,

I have exactly the same issue with my Sony  xperia x compact (one year old) and it drives me crazy! I hoped it would disappear with the läßt Update a few days ago, but it didnt. I already did some newstarts and tried pressing Volumen up +power together (rebooting), which both helps intially but does Not last for longer than approximately two days.

Also tried shutting down al Bluetooth and Sony Apps, empy the Cache of each. 

Do you have an idea what could work best for me? Connecting to my Computer using the Sony companion Thing? Contact Sony and send them my Phone  (Still has guaranty)? 

Would be so thankful for ANY advice ! Screenshot_20180324-220959.pngIn german saying Bluetooth has been stoppen again andagain. Close App


One time poster
Message 191 of 382
Message 191 of 382

Re: Android Oreo 8.0. Version 34.4.A.2.19. Apps: Android Auto, Google Play and Whatsup. Not working!

I also got the same problems. First it worked but after a while Bluetooth started to crash a lot and my car does not work with android auto anymore.. I am on the 2018feb security patch.. 

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Message 192 of 382

Re: Android Auto and Bluetooth not working after updating to Oreo(android 8.0)

You can try 2 things:

  • do a software repair using Xperia Companion (make a backup first)
  • try this workaround.


And please report if a solution helped you solve your problems, so others can learn from it

who knows knows
who doesn't doesn't
Message 193 of 382
Message 193 of 382

Re: Android Auto and Bluetooth not working after updating to Oreo(android 8.0)

Thanks, i did as you mentioned, but this setup/repair do not work.


The issue is not with the bluetooth, is working. The issue is app Android Auto and Google Play is not conecting with Sync 3 or Smart Watches, any other auto or watch interface. Issue is app running. 



Message 194 of 382
Message 194 of 382

Bluetooth isn't working since the latest update

I see that many Xperia users experiencing issues with bluetooth after upgrading to Oreo. In my case the upgrade itself didn't affect bluetooth at all but the latest update from Sony (installed yesterday) messed up my bluetooth and made it nearly unusable. When I turn it on it crashes after several seconds. Restarting the phone has no effect. Is Sony in works to fix this ? Like I said I strongly believe my Xperia isn't the only one affected.

Message 195 of 382
Message 195 of 382

Re: Bluetooth isn't working since the latest update



There are few things that you can do


test bluetooth 


Could you test your device?

Settings > About phone > Diagnostics > Test


Settings > Support > Tests


also, test the phone in >>> safe mode


Last option will be to repair the phone with XC 


"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

Message 196 of 382
Message 196 of 382

Re: Bluetooth isn't working since the latest update



thanks for replying. I made the test and surprisingly the bluetooth test passed but only because it tested if it turns on but it didn't check whether it works properly when in use. Is there any way to do a roll-back on that update. Like I said the bluetooth started glitching after the latest update. If I roll back it should work again. I better check if the phone is still in warranty just in case.

Message 197 of 382
Message 197 of 382

No media sound from Bluetooth after update

Dear all,

Before I updated my Xperia XA2 ultra to 50.1.A.5.59 yesterday, I hadn’t had any Bluetooth issues. Everything worked well with my personal speakers and my Honda Civic 2017.


After the update, There are some problems when paring with my Civic. I can connect the device to the car and can call with Bluetooth. But there is no sound coming out when playing music via YouTube, music or video app. I guess the problem is about the media profile connected to my car.


I already factory reset but it still doesn't work.


Does anyone know how to fix this problem?


Any recommendations are preferable.


Thank you very much.


Message 198 of 382
Message 198 of 382

Re: Bluetooth isn't working since the latest update

I wiped out my phone with the Sony Companion software and the bluetooth keeps crashing when used with my laptop. Luckily the phone is still in warranty so I'll demand a repair or a replacement.

Message 199 of 382
Message 199 of 382

Re: No media sound from Bluetooth after update

I also have the same issue with my Honda CRV 2017