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Oreo Bluetooth issues (Problem with pairing etc)

Message 180 of 382
Message 180 of 382

Re: Android Auto and Bluetooth not working after updating to Oreo(android 8.0)

Is there any chance to downgrade to the old Android Nougat 7.0 ? . Was working very good, no bugs/issues at all. Im frustated with Android Oreo 8.0.

Message 181 of 382
Message 181 of 382

Re: Android Auto and Bluetooth not working after updating to Oreo(android 8.0)

Even my smarth watch, Moto 360 Sport is not been feed anymore by whatsup and google play music, very usefull to me. Sony, please send me a new versions to solve my issues!! On my Xperia X. 

Message 182 of 382
Message 182 of 382

Android Oreo 8.0. Version 34.4.A.2.19. Apps: Android Auto, Google Play and Whatsup. Not working!!

Hello Sony. 


I having a lot of issue with new versio. 8.0.

- App Android Auto is feed Sync 3. This app is very usefull on my routine to reflect maps and spotify.

- Google Play and Whatsup is feed my smart watch Moto 360 Sport.

Android 7.1 was working very good, is there any chance to downgrade to back Android 7.1 Nougat??



Message 183 of 382
Message 183 of 382

Sony's pathetic software support

I am an owner of a Z5P and XZP, both supposedly the top end flagships of Sony. From my past 2 years + of owning Sony flagship phones, i get more and more disappponted with Sony's software support. There are issues that are dragged beyond the "2 years support" that Sony promises and never gets fixed. We get basic security patches for our firmware updates every few months. 

Z5P has severe performance throttling issues since it first received Android 7 and it never got fixed.

XZP has bluetooth and WiFi connectivity issues out of the box and still no fix after a year.

Sometimes i wonder how Sony runs its software team? My XZP will be my last Sony device. There are just way too many minor software issues that take forever or never fixed. And whenever users post on the support forum we are answered with replies as good as automated messages. "Have you tried safe mode?" "Have you tried software repair?"

More often than not, these do not help and are merely a huge waste of time, with no follow up from Sony thereafter. What's the point of this support forum?

Message 184 of 382
Message 184 of 382

Re: Sony's pathetic software support

This is a user based forum, meaning it is monitored by Sony reps, but is not the main channel of communication for support by Sony.

Contact your local support for more direct response.


Safemode is always useful to check first, as it rules out any problems related to 3rd party apps installed. Sony or Google is not responsible for bad programming of an app installed by a user.


Software repair is useful to be sure that all official programs and apps on the phone are sorted out for problems (that may be caused by problematic 3rd party apps, etc).
-It would be pretty stupid to troubleshoot and spend alot of effort on an issue if the cause was due to a 3rd party app?


Bluetooth connectivity issues seems mostly related to the fact that Sony implemented Android Oreo very early and included in this release was the latest bluetooth protocol (1.6).
Many car-infortainment system and 3rd party headsets are not supporting this latest technology, they rely on the older protocols (1.5 and downwards). This is hardly Sony's or Google's problem or responsibility to fix.


It is pretty well known now (thru this forum and others) how to downgrade the bluetooth-protocol to support older versions for infortainment-systems and headset. It is then not an defect nor bug.


Regarding bluetooth-protocol to older versions:
I wonder how many of the one-time-posters in here makes a similar complaint on for instance Ford or Toyota forums, saying that they will never by a Ford or Toyota again, complaining about poor support or demand thos manufaturers for a immediate fix??? Smiling Face with Sunglasses

Message 185 of 382
Message 185 of 382

Re: Sony's pathetic software support

You couldnt be more mistaken if you think I am just a whining tech-nerd.

I personally am not affected by bluetooth connectivity issues as I do not use BT daily. What I do notice is how each firmware update seems to create same issues for quite a number of users each time, the Z5P getting severely neglected as a premium device (the performance is comparable to my rooted Note 3.), minor issues such as Alarm clock not ringing bug, random users suffering low speaker volume. 


Each firmware update I check through discussion threads to see what possible issues may be introduced to my phone if I do install it. It has been just a few days since 42.1.A.12.119 is out and users are repeatedly reporting several issues - camera takes blurry photo, wifi connectivity not fixed etc. 


You see, the main point I'm putting across is how Sony is losing its users confidence everyday, instead of assurance. Sure, Safe mode is the go to to eliminate possible 3rd party causes, while software repair is useful for problematic firmware updates. But the problem is clear when multiple users have reported the same issue spontaneously, and it is absurd to expect your customer's second step to fix their issues is doing a software repair and losing all their data in the process (yes you can backup and it still costs a lot of time and even effort for an average user who isnt familiar with tech stuff). 


I'm not even kidding when I say the first fix I've heard being pushed out since Z5P Android 7 era is the current 42.1.A.12.119 for X series which fixes the Gps icon being docked on the notif bar even when off. Pretty easy fix if you ask me.


Edit: to add on, no. Downgrading bluetooth protocol did not fix connectivity issues for more than one user. 

Message 186 of 382
Message 186 of 382

Re: Sony's pathetic software support

We are here at the core of the problem with (or perhaps the downside of) user based forums:

Some people are making multiple post on the same issue they experience to try to make the issue larger and pretend to be more widespread than it is. -Obviously a way to try to get more attention.


Then we have other users making even more posts about the same by just referencing to other posts and voila; we have a self driven spiral of complaints/"issues"/"bugs" that lack substance.


On top of all this we have others trying to make a request for a function or feature they would like to see, into a bug or problem (and then using multiple posting-techniques to get attentions, etc)
Welcome to the zoo.....

Remember that Sony does not require people to do a software repair or other tedious steps themself; Users can always deliver/send in the phone to a ServiceSenter for them to fix it.
Some will then of course complain about this as well as it takes time and effort, and here we are at the real base for this user-base forum:

-We can help users to fix it themself by doing some easy steps and help by Sony-debug and restore programs.

If somebody finds this too troublesome, contact a ServiceSenter and they will assist.

Sony is one of the best in class of pushing out new Android versions (Oreo) and Security Patches incl fixes frequently.

Other manufacturer are far...far from this. (ie, Samsung S8 that is a popular phone got official Oreo a few weeks back, we got it on our XZP back on October-November 2017.) There are for sure pro's and con's for being out first.


Even tho some may claim to not have heard about fixes and updates on Android, is does not mean that fixes/updates has not been issued.


PS: I also had the Z5 Premium phone before the XZ Premium, and I have had ZERO issues with both.
Never had any issues with the Z5P, always 100% reliable.
Same goes for the XZP now. -It always connects to wifi-networks at home, work, airports, any default cafe's, in different countries, etc.
It always connects to all my BT devices both at home and work as well.
The majority of users have it like this. 

Message 187 of 382
Message 187 of 382

Re: Sony's pathetic software support

My z5P runs daily tasks perfectly without issues, but its gaming performance has dropped significantly since 7.0, up to my current 7.1.1. 

As for my XZP, I have trouble detecting available networks that are not hidden. It has no problems connecting to saved networks tho.


I feel the Z5P has been so underutilized due to throttling. I even feel it has the hardware and specs to take up Oreo update. It is just sad that Sony has treated it the way it treats every other xperia for 2 years. 

Message 188 of 382
Message 188 of 382

Re: Android Oreo 8.0. Version 34.4.A.2.19. Apps: Android Auto, Google Play and Whatsup. Not working!

Also huge problems here with Xperia X, Oreo, and Android Auto. AA utterly useless at the moment..can't recognise the contact I want to text (works fine in Google Assistant)  music playback randomly stops, AA crashes 

Message 189 of 382
Message 189 of 382

Re: After Oreo update, cant get bluetooth (media) working in my Mini

Not helpful buddy.  Its not getting resolved.