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New Android 5.0, Lollipop firmware update - [UPDATED]

One time poster
Message 151 of 521
Message 151 of 521

Re: New Android 5.0, Lollipop firmware update - [UPDATED]

What an terrible update. Decreased battery life
App crashes
Poor quality speaker sound in calls
Incorrect codec for voice calls
No ability to edit mid word(delete mid word causes end character to delete)
Bad screen resolution in home page(top of clock missing)
Home page slow to render when exciting out of apps
Odd phone behaviour when in call
No screen lock out when in call
There are a few more that I'm spotting everyday
Message 152 of 521
Message 152 of 521

new lollipop update build number 14.5.A.0.270 for z1

hi guys for those who received this update can you state the changes you noticed in the update other than the "close all" button for applications. for any other changes you might have noticed please share for the good of the users

Forum Legend
Message 153 of 521
Message 153 of 521

Re: new lollipop update build number 14.5.A.0.270 for z1

Xperia Z1 update (14.5.A.0.270) changelog

– Ensured the lock screen / notification bar doesn’t indicate “no service” when the device has coverage
– Added a Sony feature; bringing back the “close-all-button” in the activity menu, so you can easily close all apps at once
– Unblocked devices with server policies (such as Exchange Active Sync for e-mail), to enable the new Lollipop lock-screen notifications
– Ensured the LED light is lit across all sound modes – and no longer offset by “silent”
– Made the necessary fixes to enable the easy movement of content from internal memory to external microSD card (something we saw affecting a few devices)
– Improved messaging functionality in Ultra stamina mode – some conversations could not be opened before in Ultra stamina mode

For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.   Richard P. Feynman

Message 154 of 521
Message 154 of 521

Re: New Android 5.0, Lollipop firmware update - [UPDATED]

Hi support team,
I received 2 emails on 26 May 2015 from your team regarding to update new software v.14.5.A.0.270 but my current SW also still the same and up to date. Why I received these emails?. If the developer team want to fix some bug on the current software, they should inform a user and begin to start rolling out in the same day NOT just send email to a user and then keep user waiting for the software for too long (I've known it's taking too long but not like this).
Please refer screen shot of the email :
Message 155 of 521
Message 155 of 521

Re: minor bugs Xperia z lollipop

Hi Sony
Thank for your lollipop update my phone
I want say some of problem & bug must be fix
1-battry state is low it just 4 or 5 hours
2-battry dreain very high because of Google Apps or Android os
3-ultra stamina and low battary mode is bugy
4-when I connect my phone to charger in lower than 5% my phone reboot android os
5-force close in app setting and app info
6-the main camera capture picture white point I think is flash bugy
7-the camera addone is buggy and leak
8-the cloae all button is top of screen it is not good for one handing device
9-very long time for full charging
10-where is the screen recorder?
11-app to SD is not work correctly
12-the lock screen is a little bugy
13-the apps in folder dont show icon and name of app in main theme
14-the multi user option and setting is low
15-over hoting device more than kit kat
16-the sound quality is lower than kit kat
17-the android lollipop game is bugy :-D
I hope the Sony fix it
Sony please fix
Thank Sony
My rom is Hk lollipop.
Message 156 of 521
Message 156 of 521

Re: New Android 5.0, Lollipop firmware update - [UPDATED]

Hi Rum Rai7, Sony do not send email alerts other than through their own app. Be careful that this maybe a spam with malware. Try using PC companion to check for updates instead of waiting for OTA.

Message 157 of 521
Message 157 of 521

Re: New Android 5.0, Lollipop firmware update for the Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z2 Series

@Quester wrote:

@AnnoyedUKCustomer wrote:

@uliwooly wrote:



I agree with you that users should be allowed to disable this notification sound. Perhaps @Rickard could comment on this. 


Well apparently @Rickard had nothing to say.... Meanwhile people are annoyed every night because of this silly meaningless thing. I can see with my eyes that I am plugging in the ****ing cable, why do I need to be notified with a sound?

I know this was Google's idea, but if Google employs sad nerds who are all singles and chronic masturbators (and therefore do not appreciate what an annoyance this is) it doesn't mean that Sony cannot fix the problem for us who have a normal life.


As a user, I benefit from this option when putting phone on charging dock. You need some adjusting to make sure it's correctly place especially if you have a style cover attached, and sound alert makes that more convinient. Yet I agree that it can be also a toggle option so people can deactivate it whenever they want.


When the phone connects to the charging dock the screen rotates to landscape so that's another way to check that it is charging without the need of a loud notification.


Message 158 of 521
Message 158 of 521

Re: New Android 5.0, Lollipop firmware update for the Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z2 Series


Soon we'll get an update to Xperia Home that will allow homescreen rotation, then sound will be the only indicator (along with charging icon).

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Message 159 of 521
Message 159 of 521

Re: New Android 5.0, Lollipop firmware update - [UPDATED]

After the Update for Z1s, I cannot answer incoming calls. When making calls the receiver cannot hear me. When I click on Messaging to make a Text Message my Photo Album opens. The phone is 75% slower now. SONY PLEASE FIX THESE ISSUES NOW!!
One time poster
Message 160 of 521
Message 160 of 521

Re: New Android 5.0, Lollipop firmware update - [UPDATED]

Since the update, My phone doesn't turn data off once connected to wifi. It is running both at the same time. I noticed when I got notification that my data was close to exceeding, and thought that was strange as I have barley come close to using 1/2.