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Apps moved to SD card still reserve space in internal storage

Sony Xperia Support
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Message 61 of 184

Re: inaccurate storage issues. lollipop.

Hi moko76,


Welcome to the community! Since you're new please be sure that you have checked out our Discussion guidelines


Please refer to this link, as this questions has been asked before.


App to SD Lollipop

Official Sony Xperia Support Staff

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Message 62 of 184

Re: Apps moved to SD card still reserve space in internal storage

Just checked with a friend using an HTC m8 and he has no problems moving the main bulk data of his games to SD card. This includes several games that I have unsuccessfully managed to move the data for (despite the app screen claiming it has but the storage claiming it hasn't) so it isn't a game issue it's a Sony issue.
One time poster
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Message 63 of 184

how to install app on microSD?

After lollipop upgrade I yet cannot move app from phone to microSD.why?Thanx.
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Message 64 of 184

Re: missing app icons and names after app2sd

Hi, I have a similar issue in that having moved a few apps to my sd card they became corrupted. I couldn't move them back as the Z3C can't see the app anymore but I am left with a greyed out blue icon with a red sd card symbol, which I can't delete as the app is no longer listed. Any ideas how to remove the icon (it's not a shortcut which can be thrown to remove)
One time poster
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Message 65 of 184

Z3 lollipop apps to sd

After recent update to lollipop I have moved 2.7 gig of apps to add card however this does not appear to show on storage screen which tells me no apps ate on the as card and 2.7 gig of data on the internal is now marked as misc!? Help!
One time poster
Message 66 of 184
Message 66 of 184

can't move apps to sd card

I can't move apps after update my phone to lollipop
One time poster
Message 67 of 184
Message 67 of 184

Xperia Z1 issue with moving apps to SD Card even after Lollipop update



I was excited about the Lollipop rollout as I could see from the highlights that one of the main features was the move apps to SD Card option. 


But to my surprise I see that Xperia Z1 detects the phone memory itself as the SD Card, and does not really move apps to SD Card. So even if a user clicks on Move to SD Card option for any app, it turns out that it is still in the phone memory. I have validated this multiple times.


Need an authoritative answer from Sony on this. Also need a quick fix.

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Message 68 of 184

Re: USB storage in option in Z1

hmmm, interesting. curious,


May I know what is the advantage to move apps to USB storage ?

Will it be a mobility restriction for a smart phone usage, tablet may be yes and no depends how you usually use it.

I notice Lollipop 5.0.x is back with the Move app to SD feature, it was disabled / removed in kitkat.



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Message 69 of 184

Re: Apps moved to SD card still reserve space in internal storage

I have a similar suspicion as Shra1, that the Move to SD option simply moves data to /sdcard0 (used as virtual SD card, on older phones it was a separate partition) and not to /sdcard1 (the actual SD card).

Even Lollipop aware apps (like Broken Sword 5), which intend to install their OBBs on the SD card - and which are reported to be on the SD card - don't end up on the actual SD card, but in the internal storage. It's not only the Move to SD feature that's broken.
Message 70 of 184
Message 70 of 184

Lollipop 'Move to SD' doesn't work / app is only accounted for on internal storage

Seems this has been covered a few times for other models, but I want to include some specific screenshots from my phone to clearly demonstrate the problem. I have a Z3 Dual Sim 6633 and just updated to Lollipop. Also note, I previously had an LG phone that provided this feature without any problems, so what I'm identifying as a problem has been solved by other phones.


I have been trying to move the downloaded data from my Rdio app to my SD card. Before doing so, I signed out of the app and signed back in so that I could specify downloaded content be stored Externally. This is a feature of Rdio. I then moved the app to the SD card and began syncing music for offline listening. Yet my phone's internal storage filled up very quickly, even though the app is reporting that the data is on my SD card, all while the phone is reporting that nothing got moved to the SD card. Here are the screen shots:


Internal Storage Breakdown




SD Storage Breakdown




Diagnostic report... which indicates that the SD Card is INTERNAL! (also notice the discrepancy between the capacity bar and the number associated with it)




On SD Card app list




And the Rdio app (notice that the data is on the SD card)




As far as I'm concerned the feature is broken and never actually worked properly. There's an accounting problem here where data is never reported as existing anywhere but internally, which means even though Rdio is downloading to my SD, it can never fill my SD because the OS will report that my phone is full.


Fix this, ASAP. Move to SD was a highly desired feature and many of us waited patiently for it... only to have it arrive broken.