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Android 8.0 Oreo When are we getting it? which Xperias will be updated?

Unregistered user
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Message 361 of 1,256
Message 361 of 1,256

Re: Xperia L1 and oreo.

@gregoryopera wrote:

@euphorics wrote:

Xperi L1 is mid-range model, why will not get update, i don't know, but probably reason is, coz smartphone can run Oreo with interference Slightly smiling Face


How do you know the Xperia L1 can "run Oreo without interference"? Are you already running Android 8.0 ("Oreo") on the Xperia L1?


Whilst many devices out there (including mobile devices 5+ years old) could theoretically run Android 8.0 ("Oreo"), the experience would often be less than ideal... And this is one of the many factors Sony use to determine whether a particular mobile device receives an upgrade to the next version of Android or not - after all, what is the point of offering a new version of Android, only to have your mobile device device run poorly in comparison to how it used to?


Then of course, there's all the "usual" stuff - how many people are using said mobile device, how old a mobile device is, whether there are any carriers pushing for an upgrade, where a mobile device sits in Sony's ecosystem (low/mid/high-end mobile device), whether any functionality will be lost after the upgrade, etc... It's a big process to upgrade an Android device, so if Sony don't offer an upgrade or don't offer it an a timely manner, there's probably a pretty good reason for it.

As i mentioned i don't know, i don't work in Sony company, but if to consider this reason for me sound logical. If you have trusted information let's share it, i just guess, standart reason why manufactor don't update model is -  bad performance, support questions and ect. So i called it "interference" Slightly smiling Face

 Xperia L1 is similar Xperia C5 Ultra Dual, which did not got Nougat update for probably unsupported CPU, GPU and ect., so which probability to get possible more demanding operating system with slower specifications, which have Xperia L1? Slightly smiling Face

So for this reason i just guess, that Xperia L1 can run Oreo with interference. What is "interference"? It can many things like: freeze, stick, features can work not smooth and ect. It's just my guess and minds, i don't know reasons why Xperia L1 will not get Oreo, but it can be variant Slightly smiling Face

If this by you are nonsense, then tell me why Xperia L1 can run Oreo, but Xperia C5 Ultra Dual can't run Nougat, Oreo, which my opinion is more powerful? Slightly smiling Face

As i siad if you can explain with 100% trusted information - let's do that, instead of cavil to the answer. I can't write here for Xperia L1 owners: "you will not get Oreo, coz Sony saves theirs money and don't want to waste for cheap model", my opinion it's inappropriate answer, if this and is true. Furthermore inappropriate specification is much more possible version as simple "don't want" Slightly smiling Face


Message 362 of 1,256
Message 362 of 1,256

Re: Xperia L1 and oreo.

Like I said @Unregistered user, there are a lot of reasons why a mobile device may or may not be upgraded, performance and compatibility being two obvious factors... But there's other factors too.


However, manufacturers usually don't publish why a mobile device will or will not get an upgrade; though there are exceptions though - Sony announced that they backtracked on an upgrade for the Xperia PLAY due to "performance issues".


The point is, Sony doesn't choose not to upgrade <insert model> only because it's a low-end model... That is a factor, but it's one factor and there are a lot of other factors which affect their decision.

  • I can't help you if you don't tell me what mobile device you're using & what version of Android it is running, in English (you can use Google Translate -
  • The more information you can give me, the easier I can help you!
  •  Please kudo this post if you think it has been helpful; or mark it as the "solution" if it fixed your problem, so that other users facing the same issue can find the solution!
One time poster
Message 363 of 1,256
Message 363 of 1,256

E5533 andorid 8 update

E5533 andorid 8 update

Message 364 of 1,256
Message 364 of 1,256

Re: Xperia L1 and oreo.

Hi i hav a xperia xz. 

Today i downloaded the oreo 8.0.


Its was 3 oclock latenight. 

Now its 5

Im getting sick

I hate this update. I tryed to remove. 

Deleted all. Still 8.0

Pls sony help me reset back to old update. :....... /


One time poster
Message 365 of 1,256
Message 365 of 1,256

Re: XA and XA Ultra Android 8 Update

Dude I own xperia XA1 wat about that model? Sony much cared about high budget model and they giving updates for that alone now maybe other devices receive update later within the span of next Android release! 

One time poster
Message 366 of 1,256
Message 366 of 1,256

Oreo Update


Me and Some of my friends have Xperia Z5 Dual and I have problem with this flagship.

The software update was expired same as Samsung Note5 and Galaxy S6 but these phone going to get Oreo but Sony havent any plans to update Z5 and Z5P to this version.

I've heared Samsung have plans for update those phones to version 8.0 of android.

Please consider to this problem.


Thank You.

Programming is my world
One time poster
Message 367 of 1,256
Message 367 of 1,256

x performance up date 41.3

Why am I getting an email telling me that an update is available for my phone, but when I check via xperia companion or on the sony website I am told that my phone is up to date?

Message 368 of 1,256
Message 368 of 1,256

XZ Dual India, No Update

Anyone here are from India and got an update on the XZ Dual? I keep checking from last week and find Oreo didn't push yet to my phone. Why did they not push to all models of XZ before moving on to X Performance? Any idea when would I be getting it? 

One time poster
Message 369 of 1,256
Message 369 of 1,256

Android 8.0


Is Xperia XA going to be updated to Android 8.0?


Tendrá el Xperia XA Android 8.0?





I've edited your post as this is an English only forum, you can use Google Translate to reply and/or post. 

Message 370 of 1,256
Message 370 of 1,256

f3213 no update to 7.0 nougat?

Tried resetting, checked for available space, checked for an update through xperia companion, also repaired through xperia companion in hopes of getting 7.0, nothing.


F3213 XA Ultra, anyone else?