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Tips & Tricks

If you want to get the max out of your Xperia phone then check out Xperia tips page.

Android 6 When are we getting Marshmallow? Which Xperias will be updated? etc

One time poster
Message 1191 of 3,020
Message 1191 of 3,020

Problem in upgrade android version

I can't upgrade software to marchimelo although it's already available
Message 1192 of 3,020
Message 1192 of 3,020

Re: Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Dual Android Update

personally due to you're previous bad experiences with updates i would wait a few months and stick with what came with the z5 and check back on this forum from time to time to read feedback on mm. i have the z3c on ee in uk and never installed lollipop as i read on the sony forum of many gremlins so am still on kitkat 4.4.4 but i may update to mm when available but only after several months of mm user feedback.


Message 1193 of 3,020
Message 1193 of 3,020

Re: Z3 D6603 still can't get marshmallow



i have checked in xperifirm, except HK all countries updated marshmallow for z3 dual. 

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Message 1194 of 3,020

Sony Xperia Aqua Dual : Marshmallow Upgrade Quarry

Hello Team,


I have purchased Sony Xperia Aqua Dual last year 21st June in India Slightly smiling Face

When I can expect the upgrade to Marshmallow.




One time poster
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Message 1195 of 3,020

Re: Dialer lag after marshmallow update Xperia Z2

Hi guys I have Z2 and I don't get update to marshmallow why is that?Version is D6503
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Message 1196 of 3,020

When Xperia M4 Aqua meet Marshmallow?

Hello M4 users & supports!

When my Xperia M4 meet Marshmallow?
I hear that in Marshmallow I can transfer all apps to SD. Thats True? I have 27 apps to update in Google market. I cant update because I have only 250mbytes free Space, 150mbytes as dump files temporary. I know that I can delete this files and update one or two apps, then move this apps to SD, and update another two apps and another and another, over and over. But I cant live like that!! :-P

Sony, you made a good phone, but people need update! :-)

Thanks and regards, and sorry for my english
Have a nice Day
One time poster
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Message 1197 of 3,020

Re: Sony Xperia Aqua Dual : Marshmallow Upgrade Quarry

Dear Sony,
Last night I updated my android version to marsh mallow and since then my phone has become almost dead.
Nothing could be accessed. Its most of the functions like call, messages, Gmail,don't open. Please find me a solution.
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Message 1198 of 3,020

PC Companion Error when viewing current Android version (MODS, READ BEFORE MOVING)

Moderators, do NOT move this to another discussion - it is an ERROR report, NOT a discussion about Marshmallow!

My phone: D5803/Z3 Compact - IMEI appears tied to Ireland somehow, according to Sony Support (manufactured there, or set up to be sold there).  I'm in the US.


When I connect my phone to my computer via USB, and launch Sony PC Companion, it tells me my system software is up-to-date.


The fact that it is not (it's running 5.1.1/Lollipop and current is 6.0.1/Marshmallow) is a separate issue, one I am a bit confounded by, given that most people with this phone in the US seem to be reporting that they have received the Marshmallow update.


In any case, when I click on the link in the "Your software is up-to-date" dialog in PC Companion, it tries to go to this URL:


... which shows an error.  Is there something wrong with the Sony support site that the above should fail?  Or is PC Companion generating incorrect URLs now?


- Tim

Message 1199 of 3,020
Message 1199 of 3,020

Re: PC Companion Error when viewing current Android version (MODS, READ BEFORE MOVING)

Where did you purchase the handset?

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Message 1200 of 3,020

Gave up hoping marshmallow would Come soon to My c5 ultra

Sony is always delaying rolling Updates and it horrible to be waitind. All in all I have made up My mind the next Phone wont certainly sony anymore