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Smartwatch 3 battery doesn't fully charge

One time poster

Smartwatch 3 battery doesn't fully charge

I have very few issues with my SW3, and love it, so was upset to find its no longer charging fully. 


I charge it overnight, switched off, and usually it's happily fully charged in the morning. The last few nights though when I've taken it off charge in the morning it's not been fully charged. 


Two nights ago when it came of charge it only had 80% charge, this morning only 70%. 


I've rebooted it and lime I say it's charged powered off anyway. Next I I'll try a reset, but wondered if anyone else has had this? 


Same cable and charger charges other smartphone nd devices quite happily. The watch is fully up to date.


Anyone else had this or have any suggestions?


Re: Smartwatch 3 battery doesn't fully charge

Have you somehow moved the watch during charge? It the device new? I have sometimes gently removed the cable from the port without noticing. Does the small flash icon show up on the screen?

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One time poster

Re: Smartwatch 3 battery doesn't fully charge

Mine developed a few days ago. Capped at 68% if the watch is off, but 100% if on.

What's weird is that you can charge to 100% if the phone's on, but if you turn it off again it will drain down to 68%!


It updated about a week ago, and was fine until 2 or 3 days ago. It's the only thing that's changed. Charger, cable etc are all exactly the same. It's charged overnight, which should give a full charge. 


My guess (and that's all it is) is that the battery stats have become corrupted. (Happened to an old HTC when I updated the ROM)

The only app that's been installed on the phone is Yatse, but that always needs a clean install to recognise the IAP.


Tried so far: reboot, change cable, change charger, factory settings, scratched head.

I just hope mine doesn't do the same as @Marscolonyishere's and start dropping further.


Any advice, as always, welcomed.


One time poster

Smartwatch 3 not charging past 75% anymore


my 8 month old SWR50 won't charge past 75% anymore. I tried several USB cables, chargers, a TV, computer, 0,5A and 1,0A ports. It just stops at 75%.
Is the battery already faulty?


One time poster

Re: Smartwatch 3 not charging past 75% anymore

Same over here.


Since a week now, the Watch doesn't charge anymore to 100%. It gets stuck at around 76% and then refuses to charge more. It just gets super hot as if the charger tries to continue charging.


Also, the battery drains until around 50% during the day and then rapidly goes down to 1-2% within an hour or so. Then again, it gets super hot while charging.


I am using a Sony charger from my z1 compact or z3 tablet compact (don't know, which charger is which).


Is it a Software issue as it seems to occure after the latest update? Is the Software destroying the battery as it tries to charge more and more but the battery is already at full capacity?


Re: Smartwatch 3 battery doesn't fully charge

Same here - charges to 75%, gets very hot

One time poster

Re: Smartwatch 3 battery doesn't fully charge

Hi all. Here's the same problem. No fully battery charged.
I hope this might be a software problem.
If any developer from Sony knows how to fix it, please tell us something asap, otherwise I will contact technical support by phone
One time poster

Re: Smartwatch 3 battery doesn't fully charge

Same over here , if off it won't charge till 100% only around 79% or 69%. If on it will charge 100%.... The watch is almost brand new. I really hope sony will look into this , i really love sony products but ....


Re: Smartwatch 3 battery doesn't fully charge

Same here too. And gers very hot