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Need advise to buy smartwatch

Message 1 of 1
Message 1 of 1

Need advise to buy smartwatch

Hi, folks, some weeks ago was broken my Sony Smartband Talk, something wrong with charge... Can be damage hole... To fix it can cost much more as new, so i'm looking for new smart wearable watch... Yes i want this time watch, not expensive, but enough good watch. In my region is still in sale (official, not from 3rd hands, i mean human's advertise and ect) Sony's Smartwatch 3.... Yes yes it's old, maybe wrong step to buy it and ect., but for price which can i to spend it's one of the best choice to me. So i need advise, even who have this Smartwatch, to buy it or better stay away from this smartwatch?


My other choice is AmazFit Bip with heartrate and similar feature to Sony's smartwatch. Both have gps, both is water resisten and ect. These things is important to me. Heart rate too, which havn't Sony's, but everybody know Amazfit is Chinese's product, cost around 50 euros less and havn't feature to add own apps, this important to me too. So who can advise me which model to buy or something others, price must be from 50 - 120 euros (offcourse in different market will be different prices, but something around that must be price). Thanks in advance for any advices. By the way if you hace bad experience with Sony's smartwatch say me what was wrong and why you don't advise to buy it Slightly smiling Face


Features which i liked in both models:




1. I can install others apps (3rd parties), have own memory and ect.

2. Have navigation (gps is not just for steps tracking)

3. Have microphone/sounds

4. Is not Chinese's product

5. I can answer the calls/ write back to sender of messages

6. Running Android Wear, have Google assistant

7. Biggest screen, resolution is much better as Amazfit's smartwatch

8. Have wifi


Why i liked Amazfit Bip:


1. Have heart rate which is important to me and probably most or maybe all smartwatch costumers

2. Very very impressive battery, can be not charged 45 days (without gps and ect) or around two weeks (with all these features), it's very important too i guest to all

3. Tracking sleep (by the way only at night, day sleep is not tracking of amazfit's smartwatches at all)

4. Have always on display feature, which looks nice



Why i don't like Sony's smartwatch 3:


1. Havn't heart rate

2. Can't track sleep at all

3. Battery need to charge more time as Amazfit Bip


Why i don't like AmazFit Bip:


1. I can't install others apps, this smartwatch have own operating system which is not running by Android, so no others apps, that's mean no any freedom

2. Havn't navigation, just tracking my walking, running and ect activity, gps working just when i wlaking, running and ect

3. Tracking sleep only at night, Sony's smart band talk did everytime that

4. I can't answer the calls/write back to messages sender. There is no any microphone and ect

5.  It's Chinese product, so quality of this smartwatch is not so good as maybe Sony's and ect

6. Lowest resolution as Sony's




The same water resistant, both have gps, both looks almost the same or similar and ect.




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