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GPS on watch inaccurate

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GPS on watch inaccurate

I hear a lot of problems with GPS and I am thinking of requesting a refund and turn my watch in. I have bought the watch to use it for running and to not bring my phone with me when I am running. The problems I have is that it sometimes seems to start too late. So that it starts recording after I have walked for 1km already. But also the distance and speed is inaccurate. I have brought my phone now with me and compared it, and this doesn't make sense. The phone is accurate and says 29:00 minutes, like my watch. But disance is 2.03 km but the watch says 5.38km! Also the speed is 3.66km/h on my phone. But on my watch it says 11.14km.h. Since I was walking and not running,this is way out of line. 

I have tried GhostRace and Runkeeper but both have the problem. It is also not the known problem that is becoming wet, since it didn't rain and when I start, I don't sweat yet.


Is my watch broke and do I need a new one or is there another problem. I want it to be repaired or bring it back and a refund. I have the latest versions of Android also on my phone(Xperia Z3). I already tried new installation (factory reset).

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Re: GPS on watch inaccurate

This is a user based forum and as such with matters of this nature we are unable to help - For refunds you need to return to the place of purchase however have you tried a factory reset or a system repair of the watch using PCC

For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.   Richard P. Feynman

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Re: GPS on watch inaccurate

I have exactly the same problem, before the update 5.1.1 ( or 5.02 I can't remember) the watch GPS worked absolutly fine, please fix