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Best walking/hiking/running app?

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Message 1 of 3

Best walking/hiking/running app?

I know there are multiple apps in the store and I've read through the comments etc.  Just wanted some further feedback from the community here as to what they considered the best app.


I'm currently trying Runtastic.


I do a mix of walking, hiking and jogging.


What are you using and why?

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Message 2 of 3

Re: Best walking/hiking/running app?

I use Endomondo.  I find it tracks better than some of the other apps I have used.  The display is great too with a few options to swipe through.  It vibrates every 1km so you can look at lap times.  


The app has made the watch awesome to run!  Just the reason I bought it  :smileysmileythumbsup:

One time poster
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Message 3 of 3

How can I get running apps?

I bought the smartwatch 3 to take running as it seemed to be the only standalone device, playing music and recording runs without a phone. After spending hours downloading new apps, signing up for google play music I finally managed to get music on my watch. Now it won't pair with any bluetooth headphones so I can't actually listen to any of this music. Thirdly, the Map My Run app is on my watch but won't work without being connected to my phone (pointless as the whole idea was to not take the phone with me on a run). I've downloaded lifelong on my phone but there doesn't seem to be an option to put it on the watch. The only other app on the watch is google fit which just seems to record steps, not the distance you run or speed. Are these the only options? This might be me failing to set it up properly but I just can't understand how the adverts can specifically say it can be used for running when it doesn't have a working app for runners or pair to headphones!?