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Why Sony Smartband Talk is the worst product I ever bought from Sony

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Why Sony Smartband Talk is the worst product I ever bought from Sony

Beforehand: I love my Sony Z2 Mobile, I love my Sony Tablet Z, I love my PS4, I love my Sony Ebook-Reader and I have bought *a lot* of Sony products in the past.


I did this mostly for two reasons: first - the products work, not only at first glance but continually; second - Sony always left the impression that someone actually though about what he was building before doing so.


When I got my Z2 Mobile, an SWR-10 Smartband was included. I liked it very much and used it for notification and device unlocking - I enabled Lifelog but didn't care too much for it.


It seemed a logical step to "upgrade" to the Smartband Talk. Unfortunately there is nothing "logical" about this, when you get to know the limitations of the latter device:


  1. After a few days of careful use the display show some annoying scratches. After about a month the display can't be described with anything less than "ruined". Seriously Sony: your selling a 160€ device to wear at your arm and it's got a plastic displayscreen that would be cheap on any kind of eletronic device?


  1. The Smartband Talk allows you (as the name suggests) to be used as a kind of handsfree set for your phone. While this seems a bit irritating considering that all mobiles have a handsfree-mode working quite well already, this "feature" becomes excessively stupid when you are using OTHER handsfree-connections like for example your car's bluetooth: Since I started using my Smartband Talk I couldn't use my car-bluetooth and my headset anymore. It is extremely frustrating to see Sony ignore this showstopper-situation about the Smartband Talk without any reaction whatsoever. User have to find their own - adventurous - workarounds with more or less average results. Dear Sony-product-managers: you might not believe it, but some of your customers are using bluetooth headsets or car handsfree sets with their smartphones...


  1. While the "clock-face" is quite okay, I can't understand, why Sony doesn't offer alternative designs. As it's virtually impossible to build alternative faces as thirdparty-programmer without draining the battery, one should think that Sony provides at least some variants.


In my optinion the Smartband Talk has serveral severe design flaws - first of all: it's called "Smart" instead of "Ignorant" or even "Stupid".


Your very unsatisfied customer,


Marc Winter

Sony Xperia Support
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Message 2 of 6

Re: Why Sony Smartband Talk is the worst product I ever bought from Sony

Hi and welcome to the community!


I'm very sorry to hear that you're unsatisfied with your SmartBand Talk and i'll do what i can and forward your feedback internally.


The reason that your car (or another bluetooth headset) can't connect to your phone when using your SmartBand Talk is that it's works as a bluetooth headset. In order to be used for calls we need to use the bluetooth handsfree profile and the phone can't connect to more than one device at the time on that profile. So when the phone has a connection to a device on handsfree profile it will reject any other incoming connections on that profile. If you go to Settings -> Bluetooth, select your SmartBand Talk and disable phone audio your phone will connect to your car.



sony_sign_logo.png - Official Sony Xperia Support Staff

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Re: Why Sony Smartband Talk is the worst product I ever bought from Sony

Hi Richard,


thanks for the quick follow-up.


I'm aware of the technical situation leading to the bluetooth issue. The disadvantage of your suggested solution is that I don't get "incoming call" notifications any more when I apply it. For me the greatest advantage of using a smartband is that I can keep my phone muted all the time (because I feel when it needs my attention) - this is compromised when I can't get notifications about calls.


This is why I found my first workaround: in the Smartband-Configuration, add the "InCallUI" app (Sony Z2 Mobile) to be notified for. As this App is the one showing the phone-icon for incoming calls, you will again get call notifications on the Smartband Talk. (For different mobiles, the app you have to add might differ).


The disadvantage of this solution is, that you will be notified for calls in exactly the same way, you are for mails etc. - there is no way to tell the difference without looking at the Smartband.


Therefore I looked for a better workaround: Using Tasker, I capture the "phone ringing" event to create my own notification containing name/number of the caller and a custom symbol three times in a row (with changing symbols for each iteration). Allowing Tasker as notification app as described above, this creates a three-vibration signal with a pseudo-animation (consisting of the three symbols) and also shows caller-name/number. Using this scenario allows me to tell the difference between calls and other notifications just by "feeling the vibe" ;-)


While this works quit well, it's hard to do for non-freaks. So I can't understand why Sony doesn't provide a similar workaround integrated in the Smartband App...



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Message 4 of 6

Re: Why Sony Smartband Talk is the worst product I ever bought from Sony

I just received a Smartband Talk app update which lets you cuztomize the home clock in many ways.

Great improvement! Slightly smiling Face


The most annoying thing now is what MarcWinter says about the bluetooth car connection.

I have "solved" it the same way and with that disabled the talk function. Works fine, but i am not able to mute ringtones for incoming calls which would have been problem solved for my part.

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Message 5 of 6

Re: Why Sony Smartband Talk is the worst product I ever bought from Sony

Hey Andysix,


thanks for the info about the app. That's great! The third negative point from my first post is solved by this.


Have you noticed my advanced solutions from my second post? This should help you with the bluetooth & call signalling problem.





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Message 6 of 6

Re: Why Sony Smartband Talk is the worst product I ever bought from Sony

... regarding the car and Bluetooth, have a look at my posting from January...


After the very recent update, to me, at least, this SmartBand is becoming even more and more indispensable!


N Smiling Face with Sunglasses