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Smartband SWR10 - Can't access notification settings

One time poster
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Smartband SWR10 - Can't access notification settings

I am on a Samsung Galaxy S5.


About 10 months ago, notification vibrations stopped working and I couldn't access the settings. When you go to Smart Connect > SmartBand > Edit Settings > Notifications (tap, not the activate switch), it is supposed to open the list of applications to select which notifications vibrate the band. However, starting 10 months ago, it always crashes with the generic "Unfortunately SmartBand has stopped working" and would redirect back to the Smart Connect app. 


Call vibrations come through (as that is a separate setting from the rest of the notifications). I used to have access and perfect function with the notifications I am referring to. I have set the app to have access to notifications. I have uninstalled/reinstalled all the related apps, and I have tried resetting the smartband.


Because other functions were also not working, I sent the band in for repair/replacement. After a ton of hassle and roughly 9 months of frustration, bad communication in support calls/emails, and lots of waiting, I finally received a replacement (a new item, not the old repaired one). However, much to my disappointment, attempting to access notification settings still crashes the app.


Is this isolated to the S5? Is Sony planning to continue updating apps/firmware for the SWR10 now that there is the SmartBand 2? 
I loved the functionality when it was working and would be happy to buy the SmartBand 2... but can anyone give me any kind of assurance that the SmartBand 2 works better than my current band (hopefully specifcally with the S5 or any other non-Xperia android phone). The notification support is very important to me... probably even more so than the step counter. Also I would greatly appreciate if anyone has updates as to what functions don't work with the SmartBand 2 on new phones... for example, the Smart Command extension supposedly can't control radio signals such as wifi anymore on the new versions of android.

Thanks all

One time poster
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Message 2 of 2

Re: Smartband SWR10 - Can't access notification settings

I can't either on my Sony swr10 and Sony aqua but some reason just had to charge first time disconnected and connection won't switch back on