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SmartBand2 SWR12 not receiving firmware update

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SmartBand2 SWR12 not receiving firmware update



Does anyone know how to force a firmware update on a SmartBand 2? Mine has firmware version 1.5.12 and is not receiving any updates automatically. I'm worried that this is the cause of the battery issue with my SmartBand 2. When I connect it, it seems to fluctuate in battery power. For example, I'll connect it to my phone and it'll say the batter life is at 70%. I'll disconnect it and reconnect it immediately after that first reading, and it'll give me a battery life of 46%. I'll disconnect and reconnect again, and it'll say 92%. I'll try resetting the SmartBand 2 (hold the button until it vibrates a few times then blinks a green light, then a single blue light that keeps blinking), and pairing it again, and it'll give 67% battery life. No matter what I try, it seems like when the software tries to get the battery life, it returns rand() % 100;


The only option offered by Sony support is to send it in and get a refurbished unit sent back. Considering I paid for a new device and it has behaved like this from the start, I'd like to see if I can fix it rather than get it replaced with a used one. Any help is appreciated.

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Re: SmartBand2 SWR12 not receiving firmware update

A few more details on the battery issue...

When plugged in, it'll only charge for a duration of 30 seconds up to a few minutes.
It will almost always show a green charging light when being charged, indicating a battery power over 90%, when in reality it's nowhere close to that, as evidenced by how long it actually lasts. A hard reset sometimes forces it to show a lower battery life, and allow it to charge with an orange charging light. It still won't charge for more than a few minutes (the light turns off).


In Normal mode, I'm lucky if lasts for 6 hours. The interesting features, like wake up, sleep logging, heart rate monitoring, and activity monitoring, are all rendered useless as a result.