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SmartBand disconnect on its own after a few minutes

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Message 61 of 63

Re: SmartBand disconnect on its own after a few minutes

YES, I would suspect MOST have had this problem. I have had the SWR12 battery draining problem starting at 6 months and now the random disconnecting problem which started shortly after a year with the smartband 2. It is NOT the phone as most have figured out. My Z5 compact phone always stays connected to my fitbit. I  have had to rely on the fitbit but it doesn't do some of the functions of the SWR12. Very annoying and very little response on the part of sony. The ONLY useful advise on these smartbands that I have seen is to BE CAREFUL with cleaner apps on your phone. The smartband seems to NOT like cleaner apps that want to shut things down to save battery life. I do still like the Sony brand, but the mobile division has next to no support. I will be switching to another brand on my next phone. Battery performance on the Z5 compact has always been only a half day with heavy use so that is very dosappointing also. It was touted as one of the best phones for battery performance.  SO SAD because I would MUCH rather continue with the Sony brand, made in Japan, and NOT a phone made in china, but they really need to treat their mobile division the same way they treat the 'other' electronics divisions and with the same support. I suppose I will have to resort to Taiwan or Korea for my next phone. The Z5 compact would be a near perfect phone if it was just upgraded properly. New chip, new display, and a MUCH bigger battery. New sony phones still have a fairly small battery and have lost the headphone jack. Sony following the crowd like sheep. I want a phone with a 5000mAh battery and a headphone jack, along with the latest chip, a great camera, a OLED display and the rest of the new tech withOUT any extra fluff or bloat. BTW, sony should be embarassed with the camera on my phone. It is near useless except in bright daylight. This from a company that can make a VERY good camera. I have no reason to think the new Sony phones have improved on this. As far as Sony's "smartbands", they are NOT very smart.

So today, brought a new chapter in the smartband saga. 

Today my phone could not even find the smartband not matter what I did. Restart everything and remove all  related Sony apps and reinstalled. Nothing would make the smartband be seen. I wanted to "forget smartband 2" again as I have done before, but couldn't do that because it couldn't find it. NFC vibrated but nothing else. Bluetooth only showed the fitbit. Once again, deleted all sony apps and reinstalled. Finally with all apps removed and reinstalled, I held the smart band button past the turn on and got the light to flash and Z5 found it again. After about 5 seconds, "Smart Band disconnected", again. I repeated that whole process and then quickly pressed "forget smartband 2" and deleted all sony apps again. Then repeated the entire process starting like it was for the first time. Now the smartband has stayed connected for about an hour. We shall see..... I still have to only use the smartband on stamina mode, ot the battery lasts about 2 hours max. Crappy design and zero support.  

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Message 62 of 63

Re: SmartBand disconnect on its own after a few minutes

Having the same problem. It disconnects every few minutes & signals very loudly on my phone

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Message 63 of 63

Re: SmartBand disconnect on its own after a few minutes

It eventually froze on sleep that's was it never worked again