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can't use the external editing tools when I have CS6 installed.

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Message 11 of 11

Re: can't use the external editing tools when I have CS6 installed.

@Knight-20, since you have configured the Image Editor settings according to what I have instructed, and you said the option is still not selectable for you, which resource are you trying to edit from the tool?


What @Kia-Sony is trying to tell you is, the option "Edit using externel editor" is only available if the tool finds the appropriate/matching image resources (PNG) in the projectroot folder (your theme project folder). The tool knows whether there exists such image resources (PNG) for the resource you want to edit by looking at the file name of the PNG. To get the correct filename of the PNG resource files, you should do the "Save for Web" export of the template containing the resource you want to change by following the instructions on When that export is done, the option "Edit using externel editor" may be selectable.


Note: even if you have done a "Save for Web" export for all the templates, it may be possible that the "Edit using externel editor" option is still not enabled for a particular resource, though it is rare as I have only seen it for 1-2 resources where it's just not possible to edit. As this is only the first BETA version of the tool, not all functionality is implemented.