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Welcome to the Theme Creator forum. 

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Invisible folders?

One time poster
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Invisible folders?


I am using Theme Creator to make my own themes but when I create a new theme and I configure a folder path, the template folder are invisible with windows. So I can't see .PSD. Is it normal? Can you see folders after the creation of theme?

Thanks for your responses and your helps.

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Re: Invisible folders?

I had a similar issue, for some reason whenever I connected my phone to transfer the APK, I was able to see them. 

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Developer World
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Re: Invisible folders?

You should be able to see the templates folder that is created by the tool in the projectroot folder (the folder you had set in the project set up step). And you should be able to navigate inside that folder to open the PSD files.


Here are the screenshots of what I have on my computer (using Win 7 64-bit, JRE 32-bit v8 update 25, 8 GB RAM, dual core Intel processor i7-4600U).








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Re: Invisible folders?

This is actually a litle interaction design bug in Theme Creator, which confused me for the first time too. This issue is caused by the unusual default interface of File Browsers, made by Java.


When you create a new project, you should choose a destination folder. Let's say you choose to create your new project on your Desktop in a folder called "My_Project". If this folder does not exist on your Desktop, you have to click on a not-so-visible button Slightly smiling Face to create this new folder:




When your new folder is created, Theme Creator will automaticall place some Photoshop templates in there. Also, it creates a hidden folder which contains some metadata and information that you don't need to care about. They are needed for the program to remember you theme's settings, 9-patch adjustments, color codes, etc...


So if you don't manually make this New Folder, or if you just type the name of your new folder in the address bar (at the bottom of this page), the program will not make it for you and you won't get any warnings. Therefore, the template folder and that hidden folder will be created directly on your desktop.


So, until we release a versoin with a more conventional interface, make sure you do this every time. Otherwise your new project may overwrite the old files of another project if you choose the same saving location (e.g. desktop). Of course in this case, Theme Creator is smart enough to warn you first Winking Face