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Why Backup with Xperia Companion takes so long? (2 Days)

Message 11 of 13
Message 11 of 13

Re: Why Backup with Xperia Companion takes so long? (2 Days)


This bug has not been fixed at all. 16/05/2019 and back up is taking forever on Xoeria Companion.

I am going to cancel and buy another phone. 

One time poster
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Message 12 of 13

Re: Why Backup with Xperia Companion takes so long? (2 Days)

I am trying the function "transfer old phone to new phone" and the stage "Connect old device" took like for ever. And now stucking at Checking permissions......


I'm changine phone actally because the charging USB-C pot on the phone seems worn down can't charge the phone properly.  


What's wrong with the £700 device?

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Message 13 of 13

Re: Why Backup with Xperia Companion takes so long? (2 Days)

I've had 3 sony smartphones, and this software and Sony's predecessor program both failed to backup a phone.  I'm sorry, that's not a bug, that's simply a nonfunctioning piece of software.   It's primary purpose is to backup your phone.  lol.


I'm trying to backup my xz1 compact now.   Just like previous efforts across three pieces of hardware, it's struggling to get to 35%, and it's been over an hour.   Progress bar hasn't moved in a while.    (it's stuck on ("other") for what it's worth.


Ironically, I'm doing this because I want to upgrade to the xperia1, and I've been having trouble deciding if I go pixel or samsung.   Sony's not doing much to help themselves here.  Feels like the end of blackberry.  Kind of sad.