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Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

Message 31 of 61
Message 31 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

Live Wallpaper to include subcategories:


As similar to photography is a Clock

Sony Pictures/Columbia Pictures: Live Wallpaper Advertising

Sony Music Artists

Sony PlayStation Games


It sounds like a lot of work, the marketing within each of the categories already have the content readily available to produce an on-going Wallpaper Ads. It's a bit out there... If you figure out how you want to organize it and get a flow... It would be a like a Disney Store of goods.


It's either that or you'll continue making a separate Xperia Themes each time. 


Another way to organize it, instead of different Sony departments, it could be categorized by Sony Xperia Sub-Brands.


Giving Live Wallpapers of

MotionEye: Content to choose from

3D Creator

PS4 Remote Play 

960fps Superior Motion



Also your Sony News app, why don't you just mix your own advertising of your products and sub-brands within that. If you only put your own products in, people are more likely to click new sony information than a random ad.

You have all the raw content available to you. I don't want to screen grabs or the poster necessarily, but more the original content within the movie like Blade Runner 2029.


The full holo girl; "you look lonely" in first person view, K's view of the Ad from still beginning to end.




br i.gif

The city as a still, running the full Geshia Ad.




Which would help with your movie marketing with little effort, right? Besides making external Xperia Themes this can be built into Live Wallpaper.


If you don't want to do all this because it's too much work. Allow us to add our own Live Wallpaper.

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Message 32 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

Floating Calculator


At first, I thought Sony updated to add Calculator in Quick settings. I was overzealous and it was just the 3rd party app I installed. It's great it shows in Quick Settings and it Floats! Sony took out Small Apps after  Xperia Z5 Premium, Nougat 7.0.


It's not exactly bloatware to do this. To reform small apps to be added to Quick Settings would be a very nice feature to add to Sony's skin over Stock Google. The only other floating Small Apps I really want back are Record ScreenSmall Mirror and a Compass. Comment below if there were any other smart apps that were useful to you.





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Message 33 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

LED Notifications


Something that is old school throwback LED Notifications. Specifically choosing LED colors for notifications when your screen is off.



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Message 34 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

Sub-Brands to the forefront, including Walkman on Xperia devices.



This discussion comes up again because Sony Xperia phone should really take all Sony assets to converge to a point to create a product. An every day a so-called "Lifestyle" Xperia phone. Yes, walkman name is now marketed as a high-end player, but they made mid-range mini-disc players.

The problem is that the company silos everything including software. Xperia Home, Xperia Music, but they don't work on the equalizer, and don't work with Walkman department. Really the Xperia phone should work with all departments with a far reach to get insight on Columbia/Sony Pictures, Playstation, alpha Cameras, TV department. For example, the mid-range phones don't get Triluminous and X-Reality branding and that bothers me.


I'm visiting Mexico right now and noticed quite a lot of Sony phones out here. I saw a little boy watching YouTube on an old Xperia Z with a missing flap for the SDcard slot. This boy is dirty, has no shoes, and no A/C in his house. Laying on his porch enthralled on his beat up Sony phone.

I feel like I choose a Xperia phone that fits what I need at the time. Usually a large screen and content bingeing. Every time I select a Sony phone I feel like I'm sacrificing something. I switched to Sony after breaking my Nokia N95 that was a beast. It had Xenon Flash, 5 Megapixel shooter, lens closer, and GPS. Sony Xperia Z Ultra sacrificed a flash, T2 Ultra sacrificed a fast processor, C5 Ultra sacrificed internal space, XA Ultra 16gb sacrificed internal space, XA1 Ultra 64gb sacrificed a fingerprint sensor, yet I still don't get Trilumious Display, X-Reality, and Remote Play.

Give me everything.


Isn't the point of having these features from other departments to convince you to purchase a Walkman, which I've done. A 4K camera, which I have. a large Sony TV, which I want, the latest gaming system by Sony which I do own a PS4 slim, but not the pro, a Mirrorless Camera, noise canceling technology headphones, etc, etc, etc...


Each of these departments has "Legacy" features that should pass through phone department. Nokia is making a comeback and putting "legacy" features and nostalgia to their phones.

The Walkman brand is nostalgia. The business bottom line is the quality, speed, and price. Having actual tangible R&D from walkman to be implemented into the phone it'self, perhaps it would raise the price too much. But slapping the Walkman brand has its customer satisfaction, now that's intangible.


I can talk about this all day, I'm okay with the design change, but dump in all the R&D you can and slap on those sub-brands. More Logos within the phone, because if then it just looks like a "developer" phone instead of a branded phone. When you click on Display, I want to see the LOGO, and not the text of "X-Reality TM."

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Message 35 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

USB Type-C to Gigabit Ethernet


MOshi USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter.PNG


Could you make the Xperia phones be compatible with "Moshi USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter." Especially when you're setting up a new phone and don't want to quickly download apps. 



To be a computer in your pocket. Small situations someone would need this, but every little thing helps. Perhaps a 007 moment when you don't bother to know the wifi password and directly plug-in. Or happen to be in a 3rd world country PC room.


Mainly to be PS4 hardcore mobile gamer is the most likely scenario to high-speed internet not relying on wifi. Especially when you are in a Ranked game you do not want any disconnecting. The Asus ROG Gaming Phone release makes a tantalizing sell.
After some hunting around, Google already gave the availability use an ethernet in Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 which was released in October 2015. For some reason, my Sony phones are unable to work, yet Google Nexus devices can. Internet should be for all in all situations.
Pluggable Capture.PNGYet at Japan Gaming Show event it works.
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Message 36 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

Face recognition unlock solution 


After listening to Mobile Tech Podcast - tnkgrl, Myriam Joire (ep. 30 Mar. 2018), discussing that the battle to have an Android solution facial recognition unlock. The technology is already baked into Sony's 3D Face Creator.


Identifying a few hundred of dots to face scan. To be "secure" enough for banking, as does fingerprint allows.


MWC 2018 they now have the ability to do 3D Face scanning with the front-facing camera.


I wonder if we're going to have to scan our face left to right to unlock? At least a print photo definitely wouldn't work.


Having Gyroscope (even though not all phones have it), dept of field, along with face, so it would know it's a video, or picture.


Creating detailed 3D scans by using New Sony Phone app 04.jpgScreenshot_20180405-021905.png


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Message 37 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

Hasn't anyone noticed the add button is missing from the camera apps. I certainly know I can download apps, but I'm sure others don't. Adding the shortcut would help organize the search for apps in the market to know what's specifically available for the Sony camera.Screenshot_20180404-083433.png

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Message 38 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

Rear camera, sensor and fingerprint placement


We're giving a lot of flack on the camera/finger sensor position, I guess they could have left it at the top left corner. Then it would have the same position as iPhone having dual lens... I personally like the arrangement of the Xperia XZ1. To me, it looks more balanced having all the sensors line up to the center horizontally than vertically. I guess they had to move everything to the center because of the curvature of the phone. If you line up the whole series together, the placement is all over the place for hardware cramming configuration. I wouldn't care if it the camera was on the top left, and stuck out unevenly with the curve. Then it would start to look like those old school Japanese phones that were curved and had an uneven protrusion of the antenna. In all, having a back configuration like the XZ1, would give room for the rear fingerprint. You'd think they would learn from Samsung S9 fingerprint sensor, no Sony has to go through the same growing pains.



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Message 39 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

Sony VR


I was playing around with this VR Vue II, the Xperia XZ Premium fits perfectly inside it.

VRVueII c700x420.jpg

It made me think; Why doesn't Sony Playstation Remote Play become another outlet to VR?

This YouTube talks about Skyrim VR, a full 3D rendered game turned to VR. I'm currently playing Monster Hunter: World, and that would be interesting.


Perhaps a super bad idea, because it is pretty janky, but it's a step towards thinking about VR.

So you think you need MORE VR GAMES? Well guess might not be "VR games" that you need. How about a port? What do you think? Will ports be the main titles we'll be playing in VR? Or are more "VR games" what we really need? You decide! Tell me in the comment section!
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Message 40 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

Is it just me or DND doesn't correlate with silence and vibration? I have to change to vibrate as a 2 step process.





Previous layout_20180419_020102.JPG


Nougate vs Oreo, DND Do Not Disturb does a different action


I liked how Nougate did it. You click the quick settings button and duration pops up for 2 hours. You plus or minus how long you guess-timate a meeting. You won't forget to turn it back on.


Oreo seems to have the view (or made the change without noticing); with one click it will not make noise, I will turn it back on when I need to. Type of person that never forgets reactivate notifications, not the type that slams the snooze.


Maybe it's time to create the latter? Options for what the quick setting does; offer a time duration (usually the last one you chose, as it memorizes your last duration). Or can be a quick on/off toggle defined choice.


What do you prefer? Does the slight nuances of disconnecting help the Xperiance to you?



Now in Android Pie you have a choice how you want your quick setting DND to function on demand.Screenshot_20190329-014636.png