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Tips & Tricks

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Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

Message 21 of 61
Message 21 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

Motion Eye: Super Slow Motion

In response to MWC 2018 Samsung Keynote. The feature to add slow-mo masterpiece to your unlock screen is a fantastic idea!



Slow-mo lock screen. Sony already has Live Wallpaper. Since we live in a Snapchat world; the video has become very important to users. Plus, Sony already has the slow-mo Motion Eye 960fps technology. Having a slow-mo lock screen is a nice touch to personalize your phone.


I would also like to add to be able to upload your own "Live Wallpaper." Which can be a the .mp4 slow-mo clip looping in the background. This feature back then use to be available and now is turned off on most phones lately.


In conclusion, adding slow-mo to lock screen and live wallpaper I hope Sony takes into consideration. The usefulness to apply the slow-motion feature after-the-fact is important and small slight features like that make a phone wonderful.

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Message 22 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

Evolution of the jack


Xperia has announced the XZ2 and XZ2 Premium, XZ3, Xperia 1; with no 3.5mm jack, Bluetooth only.


I think it would say more if you gave us an MDR-Z1R-esque 5-pole 4.4mm Balanced Output Connection. jack amplifier, with the shiny brass ring. If you're gonna give us the dongle life, give it to us the Sony Walkman way.



Moving forward, I'm sure this is only for to flagship devices going jack-less. There are still other markets that still need the jack, Africa's market share of the 'feature phone' was 61% in 2017 (Sadeque). There is a practical and impractical approach to go about the evolution of the jack


The practical approach is to have the rest of mid-range and low-range Sony smartphones have a charging 5-pole 3.5mm jacks for High-Resolution Digital Noise Canceling (DNC) built-in in-ear wired headsets. Which includes the next Xperia L1 for example and the next new PS4 controlers. Since now the importance of a jack is highlighted and noise canceling is highly searched. Technologies from Z2, Z3, Z3+, Z5, etc... for accessories like: 

  • Sony STM10
  • MDR-NC31EM (Xperia Z2)
  • h.ear MDR-NC750 (IFA 2015)



Make a Type-C to 5-pin 3.5mm jack so it would open every Android phone could power "Sony" DNC Digital-Noise Cancelling headphones! For headphones like MDR-NC31EM (Xperia Z2) and h.ear MDR-NC750 (IFA 2015). Plus QuickCharge capability would be a star Sony accessory.

type-c-converter unnamed.png



DNC Digital-Noise Cancelling setting on the Xperia Music app. A sexy way to identify the earphones that are plugged in. I'd like to see this on all Xperia phones.


An impractical route of adding 4.4mm balanced 5-pole jack to Would be interesting. I would still rather have the 5-pole jack on all lower and higher end phones.


And other use cases like a Square Reader:




Sadeque, Samira. “Smartphones lost market share to feature phones in Africa last year.” Quartz, Quartz, 13 Feb. 2018,

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Message 23 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

Beauty Mode


Selfie AR makeup. Sony does have Beauty Mode but has not updated its program to advance into Snapchat AR status. Samsung partnered up with makeup companies to add makeup, kinda like a Snapchat filter, which is mainly a gimmick.


A better way to approach Beauty Mode is two main things that people use when editing photos. A level of "Beauty Mode" to clear facial imperfections. Except Sony's is a one time edit in the small camera apps, and in Photo Editor. It needs to be a scale of 1-10 or a sliding scale of intensity.


2nd is Face contouring.


In HTC M7 and M8 there was a "Face Contour" a primitive version of face plotting and enhancement. Notice the "Face Contour" for creating that V-Line jaw shape.



We have all see what Snapchat does with face-realignment for Beauty Mode. The mathematical "Pi,' Marquardt Beauty Mask.



Adobe App Liquify

Liquify Face.png


Adobe Photoshop CC Face-Aware Liquify. With facial recognition, the program can identify eye shape, and head shape separately.

Adobe Liquify maxresdefault.jpg

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Message 24 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

The Photo Editor is missing a sketch feature without downloading the Sketch App. Just circling something you've just snapshotted, is a necessity. It's something that you want to quickly edit without thinking and super accessible to everyone. On most computers like "Snipping Tool" has basic colored ink draw and a basic highlighter.



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Message 25 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

Live Wallpaper


I made a render how Live Wallpaper could be set up. Since you've taken out all the old school wallpapers; like Forest, Phase Beam, etc... Let's add all the previous in-house created Live Wallpapers. 

XperiaLiveWallpaperRenderCombined.jpgTo prevent bloat have an available download from the server. I don't want a 3rd party app, it should be internal, and added on as Sony continues to make new phones versions.


In conclusion, users can have a current mid-range phone and reminisce their first Xperia Z "OP phone."


Render is based off Sony "alpha Time Clock" Live Wallpaper.



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Message 26 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks




Regarding the equalizer, it would be nice to see something more complex. Instead of a 5 channel, perhaps 20 channels (Sonique Player). With an interesting feature as spine tension, left/right audio, pitch control. Something that would be approved by Sony Pictures Studio and the Sound Mixing Team.

I'm sure you've heard this many times; gapless playback, fade in how many seconds and a beat-match checkbox to override more/less the exact seconds.


Message 27 of 61
Message 27 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

Xperia Music


When on the Music player's home menu, I would like to suggest to use the available real estate to be clickable.


There should be three clickable areas to see a list of songs. You are able to click the Play queue "Open." As you scroll down, Recently Played and Newly Added should jump to their playlist. Rather than a 3-step process of clicking Menu> Playlists> Recently Played. Currently, if you click on a Newly added should jump to the playlist. Because if you click an individual song it only ends up playing that one song on repeat, especially annoying when you're on the road driving.
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Message 28 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

You know that Sony Bing sound (I don't know what it's officially called) at the end of every Sony Mobile Commercial. That ding sound should totally be an official notification sound. Here's a mp3 download!


Google Drive has a download limit per day.

MIrror 1:

Mirror 2:

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Message 29 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

Ultra Stamina Mode


Ultra Stamina Mode needs:

  • Sub app organize, not to change app organization when you revert
  • Whitelist add apps
  • Add Google Hangout app + Dialer apps.


I want to use Ultra Stamina Mode more. However, when I revert back, it completely changes all my sorted apps!


Also, I would like Google Hangouts app at least because that is my main messaging app.


Or whitelist apps that you want. As there are round about ways to add apps. Adding that feature would be more personalized to what a person really needs.

Message 30 of 61
Message 30 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

Sony GCM10 Game Control Mount for Smartphones

Sony GCM10 Game Control Mount for Smartphones 91esPE++YOL._SL1500_.jpg


Certainly, there is Remote Play is the best case to use the Sony GCM10 Game Control Mount, but what is missing is the functionality of Bluetoothing the PS4 remote to Android games with full functioning official Controller Support. There are a few of 3rd party "mapping" or button allocating apps, which are all confusing and hard to use for an average person.


There are two ways to go about this:

Sony can support a proprietary app that has a simple "PS4 mapping" and the touchpad can touch to rotate the screen.


Sony can give the PS4 controller function options to all Android games across the board to implement full PS4 control usability. (Kinda like how you made Bluetooth LDAC the proprietary norm.) The 3rd party Android controller to use should be a PS4 remote.


In a marketing view, if Android users would buying PS4 remotes is the stepping stones to the PS4 system. New publicity photos of the GCM10 advertise the Sony Xperia device.