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Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

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Message 41 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

Screen density


On my Xperia XZ Premium the buttons tend to be pushed to the sides, which is an uncomfortable stretch reach to push. On the Xperia XA1 Ultra on my elder sibling's phone the icons are shifted to the left after the Oreo update.


Yes, I changed the greatest width in Developer Mode, a shortcut from changing the density size. Phones are getting bigger and the icon needs to be the same size as the screen gets larger. Density Ratio hasn't been addressed post Xperia Z Ultra. A head of it's time, because 6* inch phones was not a thing, but NOW, it's ironic to call them phablets. Yet the issue has not been addressed for sharper eye users.


Xperia XZ Premium is a 4K display, there is no reason text should be that large in it's natural default settings. Especially an XA1 Ultra at 1080p, 6 inches across, looks monstrous at default sizing out of the box.


Please developer add about 3 more lower levels to display size to accomedate other users that don't use Compact devices. Devices are only going to get bigger and resolution higher here on out.











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Message 42 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks



Photoshop layout concept: This is how I would like Services to be laid out. Spotify is practically a shortcut, as the rest of the services are linked-outside-apps add-ons of the physical Xperia Music Player: Podcast, FM Radio, and Audiobook Player; which all are related to music. These services are usually taken out because of lack of click-usage. If they are placed and organized out in the open letting users know what sub-services are available for them; they can be more frequently used.

These apps can be added on by the user or deleted if they think it as bloatware like Spotify. Like the podcast app can be downloaded, the rest of the apps could be as well.


Sony Music Services Screenshot_20180501-113331.png



I also want to stress, having the Equalizer to be placed outside; instead of buried in Settings. It would be nice if all of us were able to get the nice layout and coloring of the 1000x series SenseEngine app.



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Message 43 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

Xperia Actions have implemented notification to silent during Gaming. Next thing to solve is no interruptions while listening to music. To have notifications to silent while listening to any music/audio app; i.e. Xperia Music, Google Music, Spotify, FM Radio, Audiobook, Podcast apps alike.  An uninterrupted eXperience when you're escaping with music.


Also adding features from Sony's "Smart Connect"

When I play music in the car with bluetooth, usually the music starts automatically, but sometimes it doesn't. To implement actions of forced bluetooth connection turn the music on automatically.


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Message 44 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks


Xperia Ear Duo
My Conclusion (put in the beginning):
Beautifully made with premium materials
Music crystal clear, which is weird when it's practically shaped like a ring. It's like a Dyson-bladeless fan, but earbuds.
Have full conversations with earbuds in. No need stop and remove headset to speak to someone around you.
Left and Right ear; set actions buttons
Full access to Google Assistant.
Reads out Text Messages, Facebook Messages, and Hangout Messages perfectly.

Can only wear 2-4 hours at a time comfortably.
Can't pair to laptop, only to a mobile phone.
Unknown Phone Number readout is a little weird
I wish the next and previous track was a left and right swipe action like 1000x over earphones, instead of double tap-like actions.
Wish head shake actions were an option to set for touch actions. (I don't want to do any of the head shake actions).
I don't know if theirs is a voice option, will it support Google I/O 2018's future fluid new voices?
There technically two types of voices Sony's and Google Assistant. Switches between male and female... It doesn't bother me, but odd when you over think about it.

Cautionary Tales:
Your e-mail has to be precisely pre-organised receiving whats important. Have all other mail skip-inbox-system in place.
I don't use my internal stock calendar, because GCal is the best. Check your app settings if you are an advance Google Calendar user.


Right when you put in the earbuds it greets you, tell you the weather, news and calendar events. Also, it tells you the time every hour if you're into micromanaging yourself on your efficiency against time.

Which actually reads out your Google Calendar events that are set to your phone, includes sub-created calendars (which is amazing surprisingly meticulous)! I know the ins-and-outs of my GCal settings, but you may want to double check your GCal app is viewing all the sub-created-calendars you want compared to your Google Calendar Web-View.

After a week of use of the Xperia Ear Duo here is what I have to say. I read some reviews saying like like being in a Mall. However, when walking through a mall you know that the music is from the distance. In this case, the music is perfectly clear as if you are wearing earbuds directly into your ear, without the sweating or compression of physical silicone earbud tips. At first, it was weird to hear two sets of sounds outside and music, the first few times someone asks you for directions, your instinct is to take the earbuds off, but halfway through the action you just answer their question. Having full conversations while in your ear was weird, but you forget about it after a minute.

I haven't figured out how to pair with a second device, as there are no buttons to hold to search for Bluetooth. You have to download the app for the Xperia Duo and update it. I noticed this when attempting to pair it with a laptop, which is a no-go, and not compatible with a Google Pixelbook. I would suggest pairing with the main mobile device you use.

They are sturdy enough to put in your pocket, I noticed you will need to keep the case around with you. If you just throw them in your bag, they will just keep playing music because of the touch buttons and would drain the batteries. The alternative is to turn off your Bluetooth, but I'm not sure if they buds deactivate on their own with no pairing.

The back ear does get sweaty if you live in hot climate, but they are solid enough to take off and wipe down. There is sports version I've seen with wires presented at MWC 2018. I haven't tried working out with them, because normally gyms have their own music blasting; which I just use noise canceling as a solution. Endless you are an outdoors nature person or biking would be perfect.

Notifications. When reading unknown phone numbers is odd. Americans readout phone numbers as individual numbers with a pause in between. French people readout phone numbers in groupings of two. It will readout staring with a million (obviously, we don't say phone numbers like). The AI reads text messages just fine; includes Hangouts, Facebook Messenger. However, the unknown phone number readout is only weird for me because I have text messages and voicemail transcription sent to my e-mail via Google Voice.

E-mail Notification. Your e-mail has to be pristine to even have this activated. The AI reads out your e-mails to you. If you receive 100 a day of non-important e-mails, you will go crazy. You can shake your head to cancel the readout, I would like to have a button

How to clean up your e-mail lesson -> My Gmail is super organized where only important e-mails surface to the inbox. The rest of my Gmail, are set "to skip inbox," grouped into folder-categories to where I can delete entire folder contents without remorse. For example, most e-mails have an expiration of use, mainly those savings deals; shopping, travel, (calendar events; concerts, free movies, society events, art exhibits, meetups, etc). These types of e-mails can be in category-labels to delete entire folders without caring knowing they are not important and when you need to shop it's only valid for the last 2 weeks anyway. How to start. Take any e-mail subscription; click More > Filter messages like this > create a filter like this > Skip inbox > Apply Lable > Apply filter matching conversation.

If I angle the earbuds wrong they tend to hurt, but if they are properly on they're okay. I get a sore feeling maybe 2 hours in. So I end up wearing them for two hours at a time. I mainly put them on while commuting, driving, getting my nails at a salon. When I sit in front of my computer, I'm the type of person that doesn't pay attention to my phone because I'm technically connected to the internet, so it helps me to not miss an important text or e-mail.

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Message 45 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

SONY is a innovation brand,,,but sony has to make more features in the home screen like doble tap to sleep and tap to on, low battery draining , less ram consuming, 

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Message 46 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

@Rohith3033 wrote:

SONY is a innovation brand,,,but sony has to make more features in the home screen like doble tap to sleep and tap to on, low battery draining , less ram consuming, 

Something beyond double tap to wake, I saw... Asus ROG has an option for double tap to wake, including a flip to mute, and pickup to answer. Notably, gestures while the screen is off.

ZenMotion Capture.PNG

Gestures on dark screen Capture.PNG

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Message 47 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks


 Splitting Sony Touch Sense in half.

to have left and right triggers.


Whereas, the Asus ROG phone has air triggers, little holes to indicate air pressure for the gaming Left Bumper, Right Bumper / L1 R1.



A solution besides buying physical Left and Right Triggers that are becoming popular. As the Xperia shape is changing, they sorta don't fit.


Triggers Capture.PNG



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Message 48 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI Design and User Experience Tweaks

@pressefr wrote:

A Photoshop jimmy-rig suggestion to add more Live Wallpapers, especially upload your own. Adding previous Live Wallpapers available to download to prevent "bloating" and a link out to "a clock." Which I really like and should have more coverage.



Sony Live Wallpapers.jpg


"a clock" style of scroll through to download new Live WallpaperScreenshot_20170703-150407.png"a clock" style to download


Inside Live Wallpaper of an Xperia XZ2 Premium...





You've deleted all the Live Wallpapers!?!



How can you delete all of the Live Wallpapers? Yes, I did cirtizes Sony for leaving wallpapers on since the Day 1 birth of the G1 Google phone. However, even Loops is gone and it's not that old. If you want to conserve battery, have a section for Partial-Live to move during Unlock, as a choice, what you use for the Bubbles.


I know I may have been critical before. But deleting all of them isn't a great answer either! Can you at least put in the last three or so backgrounds. You are changing phones every 6 months, so that's a new Live BG each time!


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Message 49 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

SonyIFACapture.PNG1000Hz maxresdefault.jpgWhere's that Sony proprietary Motionflow XR going to roll in?


Perhaps like:

120 Hz for LCD

90 Hz for OLED

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Message 50 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks



The order where you see list of applicationa used since last full charged should move up for optimal screenshoot sharing.