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Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

Message 11 of 61
Message 11 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI Design and User Experience Tweaks

Back, home, multitask buttons are out of alignment in horizontal. Developer mode, smallest width: 581, Xperia XA1 Ultra, Nougat 7.0.


I can live with it, but I've changed the dpi to my T2 Ultra, C5 Ultra, Z5P and XA Ultra. Those buttons shouldn't move, as it's near tablet size. I do this bc these are Phablet phones, and the ratio should be taken account and not stretched from a 4.5 inch developer's model.


In Oreo 8.0, the horizontal buttons seem to be fixed. 



I want to fit a perfect 7 icons on the bottom. If I left my dpi alone it would look like how ridiculous an iPad Pro looks not accounting ratio. A 12.9 inch screen with 4 icons running on the bottom.


With the original Xperia Z Ultra, you were able to have 7 icons along a 6.4 inch screen. It's not like I'm forcing some ridiculous size, the original Z Ultra phone was like that.

sony-xperia-z-ultra1.jpgSony Xperia Z Ultra

This UI size looks too large, bubbly, and ugly to me. For the Xperia XA1 Ultra can only fit 5 icons across. Which looks ridiculously large on a 6 inch screen.



This is more like it! Good clean screen real estate! As close to the dpi of the original Z Ultra. How about features; write on the screen with any object sensitivity.



So there are a few things happen when you reach a certain setting.

Current situation. Xperia XA1 Ultra set at 600 smallest widths, practically tablet size. Alpha Clock live wallpaper, 9 icons across screen real-estate. KWGT.



Developer Mode > Smallest Width, I normally put 540 on a 6 or 5.2 inch screens, but Sony hasn't fixed horizontal mode buttons on Nougat. For now, 599-600 sets it to laptop mode.


I'm noticing a problem when I set my screen to 600 "smallest width" or higher. I cannot attach a file or open my file manager through certain apps like from Instagram or Gmail.



So, I just set it to a lower 560, for now.


However, I was playing with the Xperia XA2, Oreo 8.0. When in a higher density the bottom does not shrink to fit. But when you click Widget, the bottom half shrinks to fit.


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Message 12 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI Design and User Experience Tweaks

A Photoshop jimmy-rig suggestion to add more Live Wallpapers, especially upload your own. Adding previous Live Wallpapers available to download to prevent "bloating" and a link out to "(alpha) clock." Which I really like and should have more coverage.



Sony Live Wallpapers.jpg


"a clock" style of scroll through to download new Live WallpaperScreenshot_20170703-150407.png"a clock" style to download


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Message 13 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI Design and User Experience Tweaks

I really dislike when I'm on a call the "ongoing call" notification does not default to priority-top. When multi-tasking and to end call it's hard to find the notification of the current call. On regular calls or Hangout Dialer. I thought they would have figured this out in Nougat.


Regular calls, Hangout Calls, Facebook Messager anything that deals with a call and hanging up; should all prioritize to top Notification. Oreo 8.0 the problem is still not fixed, very developer-y.



It should look like this:



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Message 14 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI Design and User Experience Tweaks

FM Radio: The importance of FM Radio on all devices.


NPR Radio was discussing the events of 2017 Puerto Rico hurricane disaster. Cell phones that have FM Radio internal chip, but not the app available. Will the FCC regulate mandatory FM Radio availability? Sony Xperia phones depending on the device has FM Radio, sometimes don't.


Humans don't ever leave a form of communication.

I recently went to Mexico and there are quite a few Sony phones there! I think most of the Sony fanbase would be Mexico, South America, India... All these 2nd 3rd world countries. No matter what they have a big screen TV. Taking away the 3.5mm jack is walking away from the users. I guess endless you're going for that intangible "status" symbol phone.


I think the revamp of Nokia (Banana Phone) targeting 3rd world countries is big. I see that is what you're trying to do with your L1, and trickle down of your older cellphones.


Anyways, the point is to reinstate the 3.5mm jack across all devices.


... territory’s 78 mayors, who were to carry the aid from 11 distribution points and get it to their constituents. Trying to reach them by cell, they’d reached just six. Then someone had a thought: radio. The medium that had been a lifeline in disasters for decades would move the Maria response off the dime. Radio stations broadcast a summons to mayors. and 55 showed up the next day. - Times

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Message 15 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI Design and User Experience Tweaks

Motionflow XR


Referencing from the Razer Phone 2017 that came out. Suggest Xperia phones have Motionflow XR 200Hz refresh rate or higher technology from its the Sony Brava LED TV display department. Higher refresh rates will have smooth scrolling and a nice gaming experience. It a good marketing legacy-feature from the Sony Bravia TV line.



Gaming mode is added to XZ2! Now you just need to add  Motionflow XR 200Hz refresh rate. 








Sony's official branding is called Motionflow.

Motionflow can not only just be for "Gaming Mode" as of course, the feature is useful for watching Sports Streaming, reading while on a Commute scrolling. Should really be in screen settings, but having it in multiple places is perfectly fine.


2013 Motionflow technology info...


 Motionflow 120. Motionflow XR 240, Motionflow XR 480, Motionflow XR 960


2015 Motionflow technology...


2017 Sony Bravia TV lineup, with high as Motionflow XR 1200Hz technology...



 Update: yass! It's coming to fruition!

Razer Phone gets so damn close for a great price, minus one huge dealbreaker. Razer Phone First Impressions: The Razer Phone: The test track: The Phoenix by Pyramid Video Gear I use: ...
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Message 16 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI Design and User Experience Tweaks

Sony Bravia OLED A1E has "Acoustic Surface" will they implement this on their Xperia phones to meet thin bezel demands? Their's no speaker, the technology of the glass surface vibrates to project sound by drivers in the rear.




If you never heard of this TV, you should look up Sony Bravia OLED A1E



There is a phone that did something similar, the Xiaomix Mi Mix 2, the driver behind the screen to vibrate sound. Super little bezel. I would be afraid ever to drop it though.



The introduction of Dynamic Vibration MWC 2018, is the better route. A lot of reviewers dismissed the whole idea. I don't mind the rumble. 

dynamic vib download.jpg


As maybe you have to be a bit savvier on the calculations of the haptic feedback threshold.Haptic Capture.PNG

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Message 17 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

To have a low profile top bezel. A simple solution what this MAZE phone (with Sony Lens Sensors), was to put the camera on the chin, and ask the user to flip the phone.



The $12 Smart Watch - Does It Suck? The Maze Alpha X is incredibly well built for a sub-$300 smartphone. It features a new bezel-less display with 18:9 aspect ratio. It's made of aluminum and glass, has a 3900mAh battery, 6GB of
Message 18 of 61
Message 18 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

Display Sizing 

Changing the density within Xperia Home (Beta). I okay with the apps section to be 6x6, but this is more about the home screen. To have 7x7, 7x8, 7x9 (16:9).Screenshot_20180403-142244.png


Some Android tinkers go to great lengths to change the dpi without root via adb or change the smallest width within Developer Mode.


The original Xperia Z Ultra was 7x7.




Allow higher screen density of Display Size choices, or even go as far as allowing to type in our own custom numbers.



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Message 19 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks


Screenshot_20180205-031438 (2).png



Screenshot_20180205-031438 (1).png 

Lifelog does not recognize this game that I play,, Honkai Impact 3rd (崩坏3rd). When I play this the most.


Oddly Xperia Assist can recognize it as a game, however, I think there needs to be a section to white-list which apps are games like in Xperia Assit.


PS4 Gaming


Cross-connect Playstation via PSN login.

Would get the real data on game time play.




I was reading other people's comments on LifeLog, and one person noticed there was no manual add time to book reading (like there is for edit sleep time).


I thought it would be interesting to add 'Sand Clock' or 'Stop Watch'; on your book reading, and when you move your phone the time would be calculated when you stop. You can start again if you're just checking your text messages.


This could also be included to stagnate cycling. For spin class people.



Seems that LifeLog has back tracked and lost items... I first thought it was because it was a non-Sony phone, but after I got the Xperia 1. I get this version with less panels.



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Message 20 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

Bring Back Xperia Actions


The hard work the Devs put in to make Xperia Actions mold it to a cool daily use feature is stripped away after launch of Xperia XZ3, 10 Plus, and Xperia 1. Replaced by Touch Sense and Game Enhancer (Xperia 1).


At firist, I feel like they are listening to us. I've been watching all the coverage of MWC 2018 on the XZ2 and XZ2 Compact. There are a few minor changes to the devices, not even the "reviewers" notice. 

  • Thank you for 4K feature is not a sperate app anymore.
  • Thank you for adding Glove Mode back. I don't think it should be a flagship feature anymore, because it was on the T2 Ultra and C5 Ultra.
  • "Good Night" mode is the best feature on the phone, to care about the user. Adding a "lock screen to Portrait mode," as it's a great feature while laying down browsing through content the phone doesn't flip around.
  • I think it's really cool you've added on to Assist Xperia Actions adding Commute and Gaming mode.

Now, post-IFA 2018 and MWC 2019, I've noticed you removed Xperia Assist out of the Xperia XZ3 and Xperia 1. To supposedly focus on AI. It is about time that Xperia Actions needs to move outside of Xperia Assist, to it's own app, and marketing along with Side Sense. Automation to make cars, then AI to make decisions is the flow of things.


via Xperia XZ2 Premium