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Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

Message 1 of 61
Message 1 of 61

Xperia Suggestions: UI, Design, and User Experience Tweaks

Dear Devs,
   Here are a slew of ideas and changes I would like to see in the future Sony Xperia lines. I try to make it as visually pleasing as I can.
Annotation 2019-03-05 170717.jpg
My viewpoints are usually to keep software concepts that Sony has already done and enhanced them. I believe in having everything and the kitchen sink. There are a lot of ideas Sony has already created I want to keep them as Sony 'Legacy features' that keep the brand unique. Rework and re-market is my moto. As everyone has their own use case scenarios, a phone can do way more than an individual is capable of using on a daily bases is common. Having all these little features add up; as a company you do not nededto re-create a marketing commercial campaign for it again, as these first start out as gimmicks for people to buy into, but concepts never-the-less you don't have to re-introduce.
In conclusion, I want smartphones to be more intuitive and scientific. I hope the developers will take some of these considerations by heart. 



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Message 2 of 61

Xperia UI Department: Active Quick Settings

Active Quick Settings & Flashlight Accessibility.

It bothers me when I go to edit shortcut icons and see both sections used/unused icons; I can't tell if they are turned on or off. Aka the top are unused-icons and not grayed/highlighted to reveal if it's active or not. For example, the situation to check if Airplane mode is off by accident; you shouldn't need to drag it in to check if the mode is active or not. It would be helpful to activate and deactivate from this screen too. Therefore, only the case to long press to drag to apply to daily active quick settings. Otherwise, I would have to go the long way to the settings menu, which is a whole another process. This may be a Google thing, but you can talk to Google about it.
Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Dual (Nougate)
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Message 3 of 61

Smart Connect Bug

Smart Connect needs some tweaks to be solid.
On the Xperia XA1 Ultra, when I connect my headphone jack. Both my Xperia Music and Google Music app launch for some reason.
It seems that it does not work on the Xperia XA Ultra, in the coding, it does not recognize the action continue "Play" current song. When you plug in the 3.5mm jack, it's supposed to play the current song however it doesn't work for some reason. When it all worked perfectly fine on the Xperia C5 Ultra. 
smart connect unnamed.png
It's kinda weird that this feature is an app that you have to download from the Google Play Store, and not included on most of the phones. Bloatware I guess. Perhaps because the app isn't perfect. However, its so useful and enhances that 3.5mm jack experience and Bluetooth. For the time that we have left with it before it all disappears! You know.
Add A.I. start actions "Hi Joe, this is what you've missed while you were away," Or "The weather today is." to have that Xperia Ear experience with any Bluetooth device.
In conclusion, as long as you just fix it and update to work on all phones across the board, that would be perfect!
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Message 4 of 61

Xperia Suggestions: Bring Back Screen Record

Record Screen
An interesting feature added to the Z5P; the ability to save a screen record, which is practically a floaty app / small app. I don't want to hunt down and use a 3rd party app, and then have to pay for the full no-AD version. I want it from Sony, a feature within my phone or post the apk app on the market, brand it Sony Xperia.
Screen Recording has come back in the form of Gaming Enhance feature for the Xperia 1. With a selfie camera for commentary.
xperiagaming Capture.JPGxperiagaming2Capture.JPGxperiagamingcamCapture.JPGXperiaGamingCamMiniCapture.JPG
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Message 5 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI Design and User Experience Tweaks




I don't care who's market you're aiming for; the 16gb-device has sailed. It feels too incremental. Remember, Google Photo's whole marketing schpeal is iPhone's "I'm sorry you're out of storage" [rage quit].


No one, at this day and age, can survive with a 16gb. Let alone, 32gb internal memory too. Apps are getting larger and you can't transfer all apps to SD cards, even if it's up to 256gb large.


Sony you got to raise that internal memory bar to that 128gb or higher.


It's like the PS Vita and the Sony Xperia Play devices, barely useable today, because of it's internal memory "at the time" minimum requirement standard was not high enough. Also, PS Vita using expensive proprietary Sony-SDcards.


Update: Sure I understand that there sometimes is a market for it. like 2nd 3rd world country for L1 L2 phones. But you never made a PS Vita with a standard SDcard, up to 400gb would be nice.

Message 6 of 61
Message 6 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI Design and User Experience Tweaks

I suggest Sony turn on the "write with any object" feature i.e. Pencil, Pen, etc. like they did with the Xperia Z Ultra. A revival of a software feature. It is a feature to compete with Samsung's Note S-Pen series. The Lenovo 300e Chromebook comes with so-called Enhanced Touch technology, meaning you can use everyday objects to interact with the screen.


This will work well for writing out math problems, as with a finger is not precise nor enough space for even a large screen to jot down. You need that Khan Academy style. Also for Asian markets that use script languages. American with Snapchat!



There has been a phablet void for me for too long. Xperia Z Ultra was amazing! After the Xperia Z Ultra (Google Edition) all they had to do was add a flash to be a successful line. T2 Ultra, T3 Ultra, C5 Ultra, XA Ultra were all too low specs. If Sony kept the Xperia Z Ultra in 2013 and just worked on the body screen ratio, bit-by-bit, taking out the bezels, we would have reached 2018 bezel-less phablet much earlier. It was the Japanese Sharp AQUOS Crystal that jumps started bezel-less. That's all in the past now and we're at the XA2 Ultra and XZ2 status!


The Xperia C5 Ultra had "glove mode." Yet, you took it out in the Xperia XA1 Ultra. Thank you for adding Glove Mode back for the XZ2, but I really think it shouldn't be a flagship feature because the T2 Ultra and C5 Ultra had them.

Message 7 of 61
Message 7 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI Design and User Experience Tweaks

Repurpose and re-brandmarket Sony small apps as "2nd screen"

I would like small apps to come back and screen record. Perhaps it can come back as a re-naming and marketing strategy swipe through app sets while in multi task, and maybe implement to use them in the lock screen section. It would just be a swipe a way to get to a flashlight, calculator, or miss called list. 




LG V20




HTC U Ultra vs LG V20


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Message 8 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI Design and User Experience Tweaks

Sony Xperia Eye Tripod


I want to buy this mini tripod.


The hand-held mini tripod from the Sony Xperia Eye shown at MWC 2016.


Looks so lightweight and folds well to a poll for a vlogger angle. I've seen a version of this around but has this weird ball on the top.

XperiaEye p1120705.jpgSony-Xperia-Eye-Wearable-Camera_5.jpg

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Message 9 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI Design and User Experience Tweaks

The new Walkman and NW-WM1A (in black) and NW-WM1Z (in Gold) encased in an acrylic box at CES 2017 has a visualizer.


It would be nice to add a visualizer to the Sony Music (previously Walkman)


17 - 1.png

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Message 10 of 61

Re: Xperia Suggestions: UI Design and User Experience Tweaks

LTE icon in Quick Settings


I would like the LTE icon to always be available across all the Xperias, a standard toggle to turn on and off the LTE network. Some phones have this features, on some phones they are taken out. It's quite inconsistent.


There are mainly some situations why users need it:

  • Traveling
  • A trick to stop a text
  • Power saving
  • To be on Wifi only situations
  • Receive Wifi calling
  • Traveling, preventing anyone to call-in while roaming

NougatLTE (1).PNG

My friend's Samsung doesn't have an icon and that's the one thing he hates about Samsung, which can be taken as Sony's advantage.

Update: XZ2P still doesn't have LTE deactivation quick-icon, Mobile Data, Data Saver, Airplane, of course, can turn off LTE Network and Data, be able to use Wifisketch-1537439397999(2).png


Update via Xperia X10 Plus:

LTE is back on the Xperia 10 Plus and varient series. 

However disabling LTE now means just only LTE Data (vs LTE Calling, what it use to mean). However isn't that a bit redudent to have a Mobile Data icon too?