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Sony is at the end

Message 1 of 2
Message 1 of 2

Sony is at the end

a message for sony; why do you update when you don't add any new features? even the android P, has been deprived of a lot of the features of the new software from Google, update me nudi, the phone is almost as if he did not update, why not improve features such as camera.  Your applications, they are small updated and just take away the features, do not add any new features, if it goes like this, sell more phones, what is your goal? so make money .. manufacturers can overtake and with every update and you nothing goes to see the Xperia ends and its end is close, meaningless updates with only security patches simply aren't enough, wake up, you are not even able to introduce changes in the new software because they're not even there

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Message 2 of 2

Re: Sony is at the end

It is useless to them to write anything. They are still unable to fix anything. To do this, they need to be Samsung or Huawei, because they listen owners and improve their products looking at the ever-changing market and therefore they are the sales leaders and have the best cameras on the market. At least look at Galaxy Note10, it became the Dxomark rank leader with an old camera sensor which has not changed for long 2 years. And Sony, with its latest sensors and new Alpha programmers, could not make a decent camera that would be the Dxo leader.
Their stamina it`s so disgusting that you don’t want to turn it on, the smartphone slows down a lot and everything lags and lags. And when the so-called updates arrive, you don’t know in advance what will be updated there. Samsung user always knows what must be updated, and its energy saving, works much more efficiently than on Sony.
In general, sony, in our time, this is the most shameful company that does not want to change anything and cannot change anything.