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Software and Hardware Improvements

One time poster
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Message 1 of 1

Software and Hardware Improvements

Hi Sony ,
I'm really kind of a tech man who has been looking around all of the trending tech for the last few years.
Also , i have own like 8-9 phones in the last 7 years !
In addition to that i have a deep understanding of how the software and hardware works and made.
In terms of studying, I'm doing bachelor of Management and Marketing , and I'm in my last year.
So i will speak from a well rounded background with an honest opinion.

*Pleae note this post will take approximately 5 minutes to read.

Will start with some software improvements that will lead to a better UX and attract more Customers.

Before i start let me say the Sony XZ Premium is one of the best phone on 2017. Yes from a technical perspective it's the best till now.
But when it comes to the services (software) it provides there are a lot of spaces for improvements.
These improvements should be addressed and breaking down especially to maximise the benefits of using a 4K HDR screen in the XZ Premium.
As you may be aware it's almost useless to have a powerful tech (Eg.4K HDR screen) with no content on it or really a few content (to be exact only two Amazon prime and the gallery App)
What about people who doesn't like watching movies?
So lets break it down:

1. collaborating with more streaming services and apps ( Netflix , more importantly YouTube app ! As far as I'm aware it's not a Sony issue it's their issue but really Sony need to get in touch with them to move things faster and to make it possible, it's Sony's phone who will benefit not their ! )

2. Support for PS4 Pro remote play on 4K HDR.( which should be essential, If sony intrested in increasing trust among its community at least it should make their products talk to each other fluently , who else to blame here from not getting the ps4 Pro supported on the xzp screen other than Sony? That what loyal customer who purchase the phone and the ps4 pro will ask themself)

3. Support for the Gold and the Platinum headphone ( again it should be essential )

4. Build or collaborate with some Game Studies to release their games on 4K or at least HDR.

5. Again Youtube app alone can help more than any other app in the market, supporting Youtube means support for a better , younger and bigger market Segment.

6- Not sure if it supported or not but using the Camera software that comes with the S835 Soc will improve the overall Quality of the Cam, as Qulcomm Claims to.

7- Why not support the Quick Charger 4 if the S835 Soc support it? According to Sony website it's only support QC3 ! Supporting QC4 should solve many claims made by the customers especially for the small battery, As Qualcomm state on thair website it will help to extended battery life and absolutely helps charge faster than the QC3, and you Could use it to your advantage when marketing the phone.

7- Choosing to support Bluetooth version 5 is a unique and wise choice you have made ,Kudo for this👌🏻👌🏽. Use it for your advantages when marketing the phone.

That's it for the software which help solve almost all of the phone's issue and complaints.
In Sum,
The battery issue can be solved by enabling the QC4 technology,
Lack of 4K HDR contents can be avoided by collaborating with More Streaming Services ( Especially Google for YT App and Netflix and the PS4 Pro Remote Play), and finally supporting Other Sony's Product like the Platinum headphone will increase customer trust and loyalty, and retain customers for a long period of time.

Hardware Improvements :
"How to do the hardware improvements if the phone already produced? Through an Optional upgrade or run a limited edition of the phone it's your choice how you implement it as long as you do it with the lunch of the phone."

Yes I'm aware at this stage it's hard to change the hardware but I'm talking about an optional upgraded version of this phone as an extra power for an extra price (100$-250$ more ? )(think of Google pixel and google Pixel xl , bigger screen more money)
So I'll dive directly into the extra power that can be added to this device and why this phone may fall down against some of its competitors in 2017 and especially 2018 if it doesn't achieve these extra power.
( please be aware these things should be implemented as an optional Upgrade):

1-more RAM ! Yes 4gb Good space but not fancy and will never be satisfying in the near future.
Also, more phones in 2017 started to increase thiar RAMs like 6gb and even 8gb! ( like Asus Zenfone Ar).

2-Better Sound ! Sony Must benefits from its other products to increase loyalty within the loyal customers , By adding Support for *7.1 Virtual Surrounding Sound* also *3D sound*( eventually will be means support for The Sony's newest Headphones ,As I mentioned in the software improvements section) and again Asus Zenfone Ar support virtual sound.

3- more battery would be awesome, but I can't say much until we see how this battery capacity will perform and how the new Software will help ( Stamina and Battery Care ).

With all these hardware and software improvements.
The phone should take it's place at the top of the mountain compared to its competitors, and no time is better than this time to push it.
World's Slowest motion camera, world's first 4K and hdr phone Best mobile screen world first commercially S835 Soc and latest Bluetooth technology.

With these improvements it will be World's best phone ever.

Thanks for Reasong ,
Wish the best for you.