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Not sure what to do

Message 1 of 3
Message 1 of 3

Not sure what to do

Okay, look, I've not had this issue long but it's definitely been there and customer service has been been everything but helpful. 


You see, besides the phone charging slow (which it has been more less or doing since I got it, depending the cords), I got a new cord and my Xperia E5's been giving me that message "USB charging not supported" and something to  do with voltage. Now, be this as noted, it doesn't seem to do this with other cords (the ones I no longer use) but it's been doing this. However, I hadn't had that cord for a month and I can't return it (I can't find the receipt).  Even when I did use the Sony USB wall port, I still got the same message.  The phone works fine otherwise, outside of a charging issues and the aformentioned. 


I've tried resolving the issue by contacting customer service and they wouldn't (or didn't) listen to me, when I tried explaining that the cord this phone came with no longer works and neither did I know where it was, explaining why I had to use 3rd party chargers, along with telling them that the suggestions didn't work when I tried them. I also told them that warranty on the phone is most likely void (I brought this phone April 2017, from Amazon). Likewise, I explained that I didn't know any nor had the money for 3rd party technicians.


Frankly, I am not sure what to do and I am quite displeased with customer service, displeased enough that I'd much rather not contact them again.

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Message 2 of 3

Re: Not sure what to do

I did encounter charging issue on my old Z3 and it was due to my own fault.

Initally i did not encounter this charging issue and was using original Sony's brick/plug and cable.


During a trip i forgot to pack along my charger and had to rely on my friend's charger which in this case had a impact on my phone, the brick/plug set that he used was a imitation item and which in this case caused the charging port to malfunction on the 2nd day of charging and spoilt the battery /port. 


Got back tried my luck to revive my phone using the original but no luck, it still wont charge and sent for repair and true enough the battery connector was damaged due to fake charger. Now i will only use original or only certified safe 3rd party products like anker. 


Hope this helps.

Message 3 of 3
Message 3 of 3

Re: Not sure what to do

Here's the thing, I've been using 3rd party chargers with this phone for the longest, without incident, until pretty recently with a flat grey cord I got from Batteries+Bulbs (dubbed the cord that started all the trouble).


The phone doesn't do the  error message so much with other cords (or charging bricks) but it does charge hella slow (more so when notifications pop up) though slightly less so when plugged into the wall and or turned off. 


Unfortunately, due to time, money, and other factors, going to a repair shop is out of the question, as I don't have a spare phone to fall back on (besides a landline) and a new phone is out of the cards, along with that I don't know any technicians that can fix a phone quickly, so I won't have to be without a phone for a long while.


I suppose I should make a note to mention this but with my previous Xperia phone (the first model, the waterproof one), I had similar problems (i.e, for example, it would die when the battery hit 6%)  until it just, well, died. It charged up fully one last time, and then, *poof*, dead. Still salty over that, however, I had that Xperia for about a couple of years (2015-2017), so I'm wondering if that may be  a case of planned obsolescence and if this one is going to end up the same way.