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Tips & Tricks

If you want to get the max out of your Xperia phone then check out Xperia tips page.

It's goodbye to the Sony Ericsson Sync Service. And hello to the Google Sync Service.

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Re: It's goodbye to the Sony Ericsson Sync Service. And hello to the Google Sync Service.


To replace Sony Ericsson sync service, you can use and synchronize your contacts, calendar, pictures, videos, ...

For example, the settings for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8:


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Re: It's goodbye to the Sony Ericsson Sync Service. And hello to the Google Sync Service.

its easier to keep everything in the clouds (google clouds) why? well since Android its by Google, its quite nicely integrated, of course there are myriad ways to do so, and a LOT of users will like to use your suggestion since not everyone it's ok using the clouds Slightly smiling Face even if the SE sync was a cloud based service Dizzy Face

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Re: It's goodbye to the Sony Ericsson Sync Service. And hello to the Google Sync Service.

Tech tips that are Good to Know

1/16/2012 09:00:00 PM

Does this person sound familiar? He can’t be bothered to type a password into his phone every time he wants to play a game of Angry Birds. When he does need a password, maybe for his email or bank website, he chooses one that’s easy to remember like his sister’s name—and he uses the same one for each website he visits. For him, cookies come from the bakery, IP addresses are the locations of Intellectual Property and a correct Google search result is basically magic.

Most of us know someone like this. Technology can be confusing, and the industry often fails to explain clearly enough why digital literacy matters. So today in the U.S. we’re kicking offGood to Know, our biggest-ever consumer education campaign focused on making the web a safer, more comfortable place. Our ad campaign, which we introduced in the U.K. and Germany last fall, offers privacy and security tips: Use 2-step verification! Remember to lock your computer when you step away! Make sure your connection to a website is secure! It alsoexplains some of the building blocks of the web like cookies and IP addresses. Keep an eye out for the ads in newspapers and magazines, online and in New York and Washington, D.C. subway stations.

The campaign and Good to Know website build on our commitment to keeping people safe online. We’ve created resources like privacy videos, the Google Security Center, the Family Safety Center and Teach Parents Tech to help you develop strong privacy and security habits. We design for privacy, building tools like Google Dashboard, Me on the Web, the Ads Preferences Manager and Google+ Circles—with more on the way.

We encourage you to take a few minutes to check out the Good to Know site, watch some ofthe videos, and be on the lookout for ads in your favorite newspaper or website. We hope you’ll learn something new about how to protect yourself online—tips that are always good to know!

Update Jan 17: Updated to include more background about Good to Know.

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