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Happy 10th birthday Sony Xperia

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Message 1 of 3

Happy 10th birthday Sony Xperia

Many phones have sat upon my desk this past few months, Autumn really is becoming the season for exciting tech, but one thing was much, much harder to find, and that was the Xperia X1, the first Xperia.

I could have gone to ebay or gumtree no doubt or even CEX and found one, but in the early summer this year, i set about finding a sealed, new, boxed Xperia X1.

knowing that October 2008 was the release date in the UK, I knew i had to get one before then in order to get it here in time for the day, luckily a retro phone store in Germany had 2 still sealed, unlocked and brand spanking new.

in summer, it arrived.

and now, just purely for a lot of nostalgia, a little bit of curiosity and mainly to see how far we've came, on exactly the 10th birthday the Xperia brand was released in the UK.


Let's unbox the Sony Xperia X1.





The front and back of the box.

When it arrived, the side seal had split a little, to prevent more splitting I ran one line of tape along the length. I always knew i was gonna unbox it so no devalue issues or anything.



Breaking the seal.




Inside we find this fantastic double opening box partition withthe Xperia logo designed across it.




Opening the partition box reveals two seperate boxes (well 3, as one sits below the device box) a box for accessories, and a box for the device.




All boxes out of the main outer box.




Box contents.

Power adapter


stylus spare

usb power cable



a 10 year old battery looking good



A funky metal/plastic stylus.



A 3rd box contains the many, many pages of information that I know EVERYONE reads.


As well as the many info books, there is also a CD Rom* with software.

*kids, a CD-Rom is a storage method used for storing of drivers and software before the cloud.


and now the device..






3.2mp camera and removable battery behind a brushed aluminium shell, how very forward thinking...


Sd card and sim slots, the X1 could handle SD cards up to an impressive 16gb.


A mini USB port for charging, innovative in an age where mass adoption of the USB standard wasn't a thing yet.


Volume rocker and headphone port adorn the other side


it's a long time since i saw this boot logo...



that's right, Xperia started a s a Windows 6.1 device. 

The Xperia key opened up a selection of your most use apps or saved panels, similar to how the ''recent'' button works on Android, or how Side sense works on Xperia XZ3.



Opening the keyboard puts the device into landscape mode, this doubled with the stylus meant more screen real estate for the ui, and less for on screen keyboards.


The backlit keyboard was set in a qwerty typeset and included all keys including an oversized space bar.


The album app was, well it was basic, but this theming carried through many devices, even early android based Xperia.






some more from the UI.


i hope you've enjoyed this look at the first Xperia, it may not be as in depth as reviews but i feel more emphasis on the look and the unboxing was warrantied for this special look at a device celebrating its 10th birthday.

now to box it back up and open it again in another 10 years..


Happy birthday Sony Xperia!!

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Sony Xperia Support
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Message 2 of 3

Re: Happy 10th birthday Sony Xperia

@viridis, very nice and detailed post!

Pretty awesome to see how far things have come this decade. I still remember my old T630, how amazing it felt when unboxing it. If I'm not mistaken, you had to completely reset the device to change the system language with X1 and X2 right?

The most amazing thing is the CD-rom, those really were the days! Slightly smiling Face

Thanks for sharing and for taking time to create such an amazing post.

Official Sony Xperia Support Staff

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Sony Xperia Support
Message 3 of 3
Message 3 of 3

Re: Happy 10th birthday Sony Xperia

Have a kudo! You know that your post is special when I kudo it, I am stingy with them. :smileysmileythumbsup:

Official Sony Xperia Support Staff

If you're new to our forums, make sure that you've read our Discussion guidelines.

To get in touch with your local support team, please visit our contact page.