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Genaral Discussion..!!

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Message 191 of 191

Re: Genaral Discussion..!!

Hi Hi,

I think you give Sony Ericsson too much credit.  My impression of the Sony Xperia neo L is we have the most stupid software in a smart phone.  Even the Sony ericsson T700 has better software. 

The worst is the messaging and contact system. Even micky-mouse users like me who have to deal with only about 100 people will find it extremely infuriating to work with.

For example, if you enter a contact person and assign it to a group, it disappears from the contact list and will only appear if you choose the group.  If that is what the designer wants, surely it would be better to show the groups once the top menu contact button is touched. If you have more than one phone contact numbers for a contact person in a group, when you send message to the group, the message system sends the message to every contact number entered for the one person.  Isn't this stupid ?  The correct way should be when the group is chosen, it displays all contact numbers for all persons in the group and allow the user to untick those numbers where no message should be sent or send only the message to mobile phones.

Must I only enter one mobile phone number for those persons in a group that I wish to broadcast messages ?

and enter the remainder of their  contact info again in the main (or another) list ?

T700 has a more intuitive system and I wish Sony Ericsson programmers look at their existing programs before writing new ones.  Keep the good features. 

Users have to work.  We can't afford to be struggling with the phone when we need to get work done quickly and efficiently.  The inaccurate placement of the cursor, touching of buttons giving wrong characters and constant changing of the screen display from vertical to horizontal when the phone is slightly moved are the most irritating time wasting features of touch screen smart phones.  New need not necessarily mean that it's good or better. 

I hope Sony-Ericcson can improve on its apps software; there no point in grading the os when the apps are shits.