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Bad experience with service center

One time poster
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Message 1 of 2

Bad experience with service center

Sony Xperia is aptly named. In case something happens to your phone it will be the most horrendous experience you will get. Mine is the India version M2 dual Sim, presumably made in China or Taiwan so having product issues are natural. The after sales service of SONY is the real XPERIA. In my case the problem was simple that the charging was not happening. In most phones you could have removed the battery and rebooted and things would be normal but in Xperia ?

Your journey starts as under:

  1. You find that the back cover cannot be removed and battery cannot be accessed.
  2. On searching the net for a SONY Service Centre you get wrong directions. In my case Pune Aundh service station is wrongly marked and no phone number to call. The Kothrud service centre number is wrong. The good thing is that every SONY retailer knows the address of the service centre probably due to large number f defects. The Ratio of retailers to service centre is 1: 100 or 200.
  3. After you discover the service station , you immediately realise how unprofessional the staff is. There are normally four persons in a SSC.
    1. A receptionist who does the diagnosis as well and tells you that the problem is because of water ingress. She shows you the Litmus but does not know how to spell LITMUS of what is the technical value of same. That does not stop her from authoritatively diagnose the issues.
    2. The Front Office Technician (?). His job is to confirm the receptionist’s diagnosis without looking at the set and to make his friends jump the queue.
    3. The technician ( ? ) Is in the back room
    4. The Cashier who takes the money and gives you wrong change.
    5. None of these persons are in Uniform.
  4. My problem got aggravated because I knew the remedy but did not have a regular steel blade (Special tool costing Rs. 1/-) to open the rear cover.
  5. The SMS information is automated and good. At 12.30 I got the message with my ID no 16020201650. Within 10 seconds I got the service confirmation with tel no of the ASC Prayag Cellular.
  6. Since the work required only opening the back cover , within 4 minutes I get that the phone is ready.
  7. Next it takes 15 minutes for the centre to print a bill for Rs 171.75/- for an operation which lasted 6 seconds.
  8. The 1800-3000-2800 on the board is discontinued some time ago but prominently displayed. When you ask them why they do not update it you get a cryptic smile and told that your invoice has the correct number which is 1800-103-7799.

God Bless you if you have to ever avail of Sony Service

Forum Legend
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Message 2 of 2

Re: Bad experience with service center



I'm sorry to hear that you've had a bad experience but unfortunately, I cannot do anything from my position than apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We at the forum are unable to assist you when it comes to repairs since it's something that are handled at a local level. This is something that you would do best by raising with your Local support so they can look closer into it.

sony_sign_logo.png - Official Sony Xperia Support Staff

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