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will miss the old Sony Ericsson logo

Posts: 25
Registered: ‎2012-01-13

will miss the old Sony Ericsson logo

It was very bad to hear that Sony decided to let go their Swedish brothers, the Ericsson.

I have been a Sony Ericsson fan for years, I really like the name Sony Ericsson on top of each of my phones which I had.

But now it seems that every one has to let go of that name and its good old logo.

se.jpg Sony_Ericsson_logo_remake_by_m1r1.jpg

Now, this may look good to some, but i frankly did'nt, coz now we would not have any spherical bubble sort of logo at the back of our cells.

Also the newly designed website is a bit dull, it lacks colours which it previously had.

A few years back, I remember when I was about to buy a SE W810i, I had a chance to interact with the phone on SE website as they had a Flash utility of every phone available. Customers then had a chance to peek into the UI of the phone before buying it, which is not the same now.

Also the name of the website 'Sonymobile' which sounds almost the same like Samsungmoblies n LGmobiles.

But I think thats okay as far as the quality of their products remain the same.

I hope Sony will keep bringing sexy designs in their products and maintain the same level of excitement in future.

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Registered: ‎2010-07-03

Re: will miss the old Sony Ericsson logo

I don't want the same quality, I want them to improve it, no more software bugs that remain for months and months w/o being addressed or solved

and this forum does look boring, but it goes beyond that, you can't see the emoticons and sometimes the pictures aren't showing up, and don't get me started on the search engine its retarded, you can't narrow down the search like before

RIP Sony Ericsson logo

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

Posts: 589
Registered: ‎2011-12-11

Re: will miss the old Sony Ericsson logo

agree with you but now the forum looks good really!!! and the emotns and search engine agreed!!!!!

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Re: will miss the old Sony Ericsson logo

I was heartbroken myself. Reading your remark about the old-style SE website just killed me from the inside. I reminisced the green-themed website, where I used to spend hours checking specs, videos, and simulations of every phone.. ughhh!

Anyway, I hope I'll like the future Sony phones, as much as I like any other Sony product.. I just hope.

Forum Legend
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Registered: ‎2012-06-13

Re: will miss the old Sony Ericsson logo

I miss this..

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Registered: ‎2014-09-18

Re: will miss the old Sony Ericsson logo

Everything can be changed, except ‘change’ itself.

Posts: 146
Registered: ‎2014-08-06

Re: will miss the old Sony Ericsson logo

No I really didnt like Sony Ericsson. Many feel Xperia is much better. Xperia is an improved version. If you are considering the additional features besides calling and messaging Sony Ericsson is outdated. What I liked from Sony Ericsson is only that green round symbol. A very good design but anyways who cares now when we are going for quality.
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎2014-12-03

Re: will miss the old Sony Ericsson logo

I'm sure we still have on of the first phones that ever came out!