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Transferring Walkman app playlists between SD cards in an Xperia phone

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Message 1 of 1

Transferring Walkman app playlists between SD cards in an Xperia phone

I was trying to figure this out for a while, so I just wanted to post it in case someone else was having the same issue.  Please feel free to add to this discussion with any thoughts or ideas or whatever...

If you made a playlist within the Walkman app, its stored in the internal DB of the phone, making it tough to get to, or so it appears that way.  When you swap out SD cards, copying all the data from the older card to the new card, the music will obviously transfer over, however the playlists will not.

Some on the internet suggest using "Xperia Companion" or "Media Go".  I couldn't get the Xperia Companion software to specifically back-up the playlists without backing up every mp3 file, which was too time and space consuming.  As for Media Go, that did not get me to where I needed to be either.

Here is what I did:
1) Download and install "Playlist Backup" from the Google Play store.

2) Use this app with the original SD card (with the playlists) in order to backup the playlists to an .m3u format on your phone, somewhere in the internal storage (not to the SD card youre about to remove and replace with the new SD card).

If you don't have the "ES File Explorer" app on your phone, or a file manager app in general, now would be the time to download and install that as well (or a similar file manager app)

3) Swap the original SD card with the new SD card

4) Use ES File Explorer app and copy/move the backed up .m3u files into the directory where your music is stored on the new SD card.

5) Restart your phone in order for the Sony Walkman app to pick up the .m3u playlist files (It may take a little bit for the Walkman app to read the new .m3u files).  If you make changes to the .m3u file, like changing the name, you'll have to restart your phone.  It seems like any changes to the files made outside of the Walkman app need the phone to be restarted before the changes are reflected in the Walkman app.


This was tested on an Xperia Z5 Compact, Android 6.0.1