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Cannot play Mysic Unlimited content on Mirror Link radio with Walkman

Message 1 of 2
Message 1 of 2

Cannot play Mysic Unlimited content on Mirror Link radio with Walkman



I finally post a message on the support forum because I'm really annoyed with this limitation.

What is happening:

I'm using a Mirror Link radio in my car, it is a Sony XAV601 BT Mirror Link enabled radio.

The problem is that when I try to use Walkman App any Music Unlimited song is not played on my car speakers but on the phone speaker. When it happen a message saying something like "protected content is not allowed". I understand that it is a limitation that you put on the Walkman app. But:


There is a very disturbing thing: I am able to use Music Unlimited app on my radio, and I have my songs on my car speakers. But this app is crashing a lot and I really prefer Walkman because I can mix Music Unlimited songs with some other MP3 that I have on my memory card.

The other disturbing thing is that I can use my radio and the Walkman app with bluetooth: doing this I get all my songs played on my speakers with no limitation. But using bluetooth not allows me to get my navigation app displayed on my radio, and there are some glitches on the song transmission.


So where is the point of blocking the Music Unlimited songs on Walkman when using Mirror Link ? Can't you really not allow Music Unlimited songs on a Mirror Link radio, when it is exactly the purpose of Mirror Link: having all your phone on the radio.


Thank you for considering this.


Hubert; annoyed Sony user.


P.S. : as far I rememeber every Walkman app I tried, no matter the version, has this limitation.

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Message 2 of 2

Re: Cannot play Mysic Unlimited content on Mirror Link radio with Walkman 8.4.A.1.4


It is still me, and it is still not working.

I keep updating my walkman app, 8.5.A.2.7 is the last version and it is still not working with mirrorlink radio.

Can someone give me at least a reason why it is not working ?