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Movie Creator is really annoying

Posts: 15
Registered: ‎2016-08-01

Movie Creator is really annoying

I went to a trip last week and stayed for about 4 days. I took a lot of photos there for three days. And Movie Creator created three highlight movies. I was too annoyed by this. Today I came home. I got a notification that Google Photos have created an album named 'Trip to [location]'. See Google Photos just made one album after I reached home, how did it understand that I've reached home?. But Movie Creator made three..... why?

I'd like to suggest that Movie Creator should observe how I take photos like I took photos constantly for 3 days and after that I stopped taking photos and then it will observe my this action and make a highlight movie. Movie Creator can also use my location (if available) to determine the that I've reached home after a long journey and then make a highlight movie then. Movie Creator can use this things and phone sensors to create highlight movies why make a highlight movie just after taking many photos.........

This is very annoying. Please do something about this. It's very disappointing and annoying and the app becomes conjusted and very disorganized too.

Forum Legend
Posts: 6,401
Registered: ‎2012-06-13

Re: Movie Creator is really annoying

you can choose to disable Movie Creator:




take note that Movie creator and Google Photos are two different apps

Posts: 15
Registered: ‎2016-08-01

Re: Movie Creator is really annoying

No why disable this great app. I'm just giving a suggestion.

Posts: 110
Registered: ‎2015-05-20

Re: Movie Creator is really annoying

Do you think they will listen? I too disabled almost all Sony applications because there are better alternatives.

Posts: 855
Registered: ‎2015-12-02

Re: Movie Creator is really annoying

Touche, this was the 2nd app I forcefully deleted from the System ROM after Facebook

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