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XZ2 tracking issues

One time poster
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Message 1 of 2

XZ2 tracking issues


I have been using Lifelog and SWR10 to track my steps since 2014 with multiple Xperia devices and have not had any issues. I use them to track my steps for walking and on the elliptical machine.  There are no issues with tracking my steps when walking, but have been encountering issues when using the elliptical machine.


The elliptical machine I use have bars for your hands that move with gliding motion of the steps, so I wear the SWR10 and have my hands on the moving bars. This has been pretty accurate in tracking my steps on the elliptical machine until I started using the XZ2 and XZ2 compact. 


When using the XZ2 / XZ2 compact with the SWR10 to track steps on the elliptical machine, Lifelog will think I'm driving about 60% if the time and walking 40% of the time. I  have tried troubleshooting in many different ways (clearing user data/cache in the Lifelog app, logging out and back in to Lifelog, turning off mobile data and only using WiFi, changing Location Mode from "high accuracy" to "battery saving"....etc) and nothing has worked. I have switched back to my old phone (XZ premium) and have had no issues, so I believe this is an issue that is isolated to the XZ2 / XZ2 compact.  


I really want to use my XZ2, but I have invested a lot of time into tracking my steps in Lifelog. So I either have to revert back to my XZ premium and return my XZ2, or keep my XZ2 and invest in a different fitness tracker that is able to track my steps on the elliptical machine.  Please help. 

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Re: XZ2 tracking issues

Sony don't support Lifelog any more.  They don't care about it.  You won't get a useful response to this.


And don't bother emailing - you won't even get an acknowledgement.