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Smartband 2 SWR12 and Lifelog

Message 11 of 15
Message 11 of 15

My experience with Lifelog and the new Sony Smartband 2 SWR12

I really was really pleased about this band.


But now, I am sorry to say that I am quite disappointed.


This Smartband 2 in combination with the Lifelog App has so many options, the idea behind this combination is great, but the implementation is very weak and ineffectual.


Sony, you did not seize the chance to release a fantastic state of the art wearable device with a coherent conception and fantastic and intuitive functions. It is like a puzzle with lots of missing pieces.







-pulse AND HRV in such a small bracelet is really nice, also it seems to work fine and precise


-IP68 is great and this small bracelet have a lead over most competition products


-it is pretty small, look and haptics are good, quality seems to be good




-handling and visual appearance of Lifelog is great


-tracing a daily journal of Lifelog is unique (so far as I know)


-animated timeline is a nice feature. A later pass by of an interesting day with beautiful memories is simply beautiful


-setting bookmarks at interesting points in life, great







-no users guide in the box or at Sony's Website. I found an english somewhere at the www. The explanation at both apps are ok, but only rudimentary.


-the lock of the bracelet is very tricky. Opening/Closing with only one hand is not easy.


-step counting is a disaster, never correct. From -50% to +100% wrong countings. Sometimes even no counting during my walk. Has Sony ever tested this?


-no settings of Lifelog-bookmarks possible (I guess with SWR10 possible?). Would be a nice feature. But only with Lifelog App.


-the wake up vibration is total hectic and sounds like 100 Moscitos. Maybe the Sony engineers like to wake up with this sound? E.g. the Xiaomi Mi Band sounds smooth and comfortable.


-battery life, even with disabled pulse tracing, is too short. Most trackers last longer. My Xiaomi Mi-Band manage 60 days!!!


-no individual adjustment of vibrations and LED alarms (Mi Band).


-music tracking does not work (MediaMonkey Player), always the notification <1 min. Player Remote Control works.


-a camera remote would be nice, the cheaper Sony Roxy Band has one.


-Sony's developers easy could have add a second button for some more funtions.


idea: walking/driving/biking navigation vibrations from Smartphone's Navi-App like Google Maps or HERE Maps.





-3 Apps for 1 piece hardware! When I tap at SWR12 at Smart Connect, nothing happen. Where is the additional benefit for Smartband 2 App? Adjustments and Smart Alarm could be easy integrated in Lifelog.


-Puzzle: which activity do I find in which app?

Smartband 2:

YES: sleeping, pulse (NO HRV), steps, walked time, running.

NO: HRV, calories, biking, driving. So what?

Lifelog: Status “inactive” (relaxing) exists in the timeline, but no tile for it!


-different informations: Smartband 2 app, Lifelog tiles, at graph behind tile: all 3 displays show me different values, for all activities, not only for some minutes untill next sync. No, permanent! What is correct? And I activated all Stamina Modes at the band and my Xperia Z3C.


-to edit wrong traced activities: only a few are alterable. Why not all? For a replacement are only 4 available! Why not all? Sleeping is only deletable, not alterable! Why? Often, inactivity, lazy sitting or reading a book are traced as sleeping.


-time editing: no possible at all! Same reasons as above point.


-nothing worth for athletes: walking, running and biking. That's it. No swimming? It is waterproof! Sony's commercial spot shows a swimming girl. E.g. Workouts (maybe lumpsum for all kinds of Workouts). At least a manual integration. See Google Fit!


-the detailed graph view behind the tiles could show much more informations, like Lifelog in Browser. So why not? Helpful to compare burned calories/times/average……. at differend acivities.


-I can zoom in at pulse and HRV graph. Great. But not at all other activities. Why not?


-Lifelog Logger tracks very inaccurate although I adjust the highest precision level in android.


-extreme battery consumption with Lifelog and SB2 App at my Z3Compact, even if BT is off (only on to sync).



 Sorry Sony, a lot of given away potential. But why?

It could be so easy, 1 fantastic wearable device with 1 elaborated Life-Tracking-App.

Sony makes it confusing.


Is there a real chance, Sony to correct most points? Probably no. So, with a heavy heart I must return it to the dealer and keep my Mi Band for €19,-, still waiting for next Mi Band with pulse sensor, coming soon


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Message 12 of 15

Re: My experience with Lifelog and the new Sony Smartband 2 SWR12 and Lifelog

The user guide has always been on sony's site from Day one

For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.   Richard P. Feynman

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Message 13 of 15

Re: My experience with Lifelog and the new Sony Smartband 2 SWR12



Don't create duplicate posts, one thread it's more than enough

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

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Message 14 of 15

Re: My experience with Lifelog and the new Sony Smartband 2 SWR12

but it is concerning the software Lifelog and the Smartband.

So I thought it is ok.

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Message 15 of 15

Re: My experience with Lifelog and the new Sony Smartband 2 SWR12



You have 2 other posts, different questions, that's fine, you could perhaps copy paste parts of your post that fits on those posts.

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)